Sailing and Dancing in Kirchentellinsfurt

Children and adults in Kirchentellinsfurt can once again participate in the summer holiday programme during the school holidays. Between 28 July and 11 September, 32 activities will be offered by associations, churches, and many artists, including free sailing trials on the quarry pond, painting courses, hip-hop dance classes, and bike tours. However, only children who live in Kirchentellinsfurt can enjoy these activities. The deadline for registration is July 7. Regarding the fees, the cost of participation varies from 2 euros to 80 euros, and some excursions are free. There are no special discounts for holders of the KreisBonusCard. For further… Read More

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Corona citizen tests will cost three euros from July

There will be no more free Corona citizenship tests as of July. This was stated by Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach. From Thursday, June 30, three euros per rapid test must be paid. Only for children up to five years and risk groups there will continue to be free tests. Risk groups include women in the first three months of pregnancy, visitors to clinics and nursing homes, relatives of infected people, residents of facilities for people with disabilities, and people who cannot be vaccinated. The free tests have so far cost the state an average of one billion euros per… Read More

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Wear masks in public transport and doctors’ offices until 25 July

Unlike last year, the number of people infected with Corona is increasing this summer. Therefore, the state government has extended certain rules until 25 July. This means that masks must continue to be worn on public transport and in doctors’ offices until that date. “The Corona pandemic is not over yet“, said Health Minister Manfred Lucha. He therefore asks all people in Baden-Württemberg to be responsible and follow the quarantine rules. Those tested positive for the Corona virus must continue to isolate themselves immediately. Isolation ends after five days at the earliest—but only if those affected have had no symptoms… Read More

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Counselling that makes you independent

Tübingen District. Around 400 refugees from the district of Tübingen have made it: they have become independent of the district’s social services. This is according to Martin Quack, one of the heads of the specialised service for refugees at the Tübingen District Office. Most of them have found a job that has made them independent of social benefits, they speak good German and have their own flat. Others have moved away, for example because they have found a job elsewhere. As a rule, the support ends when the refugees have received a settlement permit and are thus allowed to stay… Read More

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Most refugees in 2021 came from Syria

As many refugees as in 2015 and 2016 are now no longer arriving in Germany. Nevertheless, according to the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, 190,816 people applied for asylum in 2021—the year before the Ukraine war—56.2 percent more than in 2020, despite the Corona pandemic. Exactly 148,233 people submitted an initial application in 2021. Most of them came from Syria (37.0 per cent), followed by Afghanistan (15.7 per cent) and Iraq (10.5 per cent). Only 1.8 per cent of initial applications in 2021 came from refugees from Iran, 1.7 per cent from people from Nigeria. Since 1990, 5.3 million… Read More

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Fictitious certificate – who needs it and how to get it

Anyone who applies for a residence permit or settlement permit in Germany receives a temporary residence title, the fictitious certificate, from the Foreigners’ Registration Office. This is valid until the authority has made a decision on the application. The fictitious certificate is an official document to prove the provisional right of residence. It gives the person immediate entitlement to all benefits linked to a residence title, such as social benefits or the opening of a basic checking account. It also allows the person to leave and re-enter Germany. A fictitious certificate is currently also often required by refugees whose residence… Read More

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More than 100 million refugees worldwide

“It is a record that should never have been reached”: this is how Filippo Grandi of the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) in Geneva comments on the current situation. More than 100 million people are fleeing violence and war worldwide, according to new UNHCR figures. Conflicts in countries such as Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Myanmar, Nigeria, Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Ukraine are causing numbers to rise. More than 100 million refugees represent more than one percent of the world’s population. The figure includes refugees and asylum seekers, but also the approximately 53.2 million people who have been displaced… Read More

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Disinformation about racism towards refugees

By Wolfgang Sannwald The Ukraine war is also an information war. Currently, statements about journalists and politicians in Europe are circulating in social media. They would allegedly say publicly that blue-eyed and blond war victims from Ukraine are much closer to them emotionally than, for example, those from the Arabic or Persian-speaking regions. This is linked to accusations of racism. The “Deutsche Zentrum für Integrations- und Migrationsforschung” (German Centre for Integration and Migration Research) (DeZIM) investigates developments and trends regarding racism in Germany. It published survey results in its “Nationaler Diskriminierungs- und Rassismusmonitor” (National Discrimination and Racism Monitor) (NaDiRa) on… Read More

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Child bonus: 100 euros per child as of July 2022

The Federal Government has decided on a second relief package for citizens in Germany. From 1 July 2022, families will receive a one-time child bonus of 100 euros with the payment of child benefit for each child. The child bonus is intended to alleviate the increased financial burden on families. It is paid out automatically by the competent family benefits offices with the child benefit and usually does not require an application. The allowance is not counted as income in social benefits, but is in addition to the benefits. The one-off bonus is also counted towards the child allowance for… Read More

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Minimum wage to be increased in stages

Employees on statutory minimum wage will earn more money this year. The minimum wage, i.e. the lower wage limit applicable in Germany, will be increased. This has now been decided by the Bundestag. In July, the minimum wage will rise from the current 9.82 euros to 10.45 euros. From October 1, the gross minimum wage will be 12 euros. Currently, around six million people in Germany receive a minimum wage. Women and employees in eastern Germany in particular would benefit from the increase, said Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) in the Bundestag. Further information and answers to questions can… Read More

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