Tübingen goes dark at night

Towns and municipalities in the district of Tübingen want to save energy—also in street lighting. In Tübingen, for example, the public utility company is switching off the lanterns completely for several hours on four nights for the time being. This applies from Sunday to Thursday between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. in all streets, including the city centre, but not in tunnels and subways. From Thursday to Sunday, the lanterns are to be lit, but reduced by about 30 per cent depending on the location. The police and the municipal public order service are to have an “increased presence” on… Read More

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Test on 8 December: Warning news on mobile phones

The weather is becoming more and more extreme. Sometimes there is flooding, sometimes a storm sweeps across the country, sometimes there is a major fire. When disasters like these occur, the Cell Broadcast System is supposed to alert the population. Does it all work? That will be tested on the nationwide warning day, Thursday, 8 December, at 11 am. Then mobile phone users who are in the area of a cell will receive a text message on their device—if the mobile phone or smartphone is on and connected to the mobile network. At the highest alert level, a siren is… Read More

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Learning to swim during the Christmas holidays

During the Christmas vacations, the “Swimming for All Children” initiative in Tübingen and Rottenburg is once again offering new free courses for children aged 5 and up. The prerequisite is that the family has a KreisBonusCard for their child. More detailed information can be found on the homepage www.sfak.de and on the Facebook page of the initiative. You can register online there. The courses are open to all children—regardless of whether they are German or from other countries. The swimming instructors come from different nations. Between December 21 and January 7, there are almost two hours of swimming lessons every… Read More

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Aid needs in Ukraine

Russia is waging a war of aggression against Ukraine and is deliberately destroying its infrastructure. On 15 November 2022 alone, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence reported nearly 100 missile attacks. Refugees from Ukraine often phone relatives and friends daily and report on their tense situation. At present, the electricity supply is particularly critical. It is completely unreliable. On some days there is only electricity for five hours, often only for one hour. When there is no electricity, the central heating in larger houses fails. And even if it comes on for an hour, it is not enough to heat the… Read More

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Women dance and relax

“Liberty Dance” is the name of a free dance project for women with a refugee or migration background. Interested women meet every Saturday from 2 to 3.30 p.m. at the German-American Institute (dai) in Tübingen’s Karlstraße 3. Under the direction of dance teacher Anke Zapf-Vaknin, they can dance, relax and have fun together without registration, according to the dai. Their children can be looked after in the library. Please register your needs in advance at Sophia.Kummler@dai-tuebingen.de. The project of dai and the migration counselling centre InFö runs this year until Saturday, 17 December. tun22111603 www.tuenews.de dai in Tübingen- Hausfassade des… Read More

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Gewalt gegen Frauen: Verein bietet Hilfe

„Frauen helfen Frauen“ hilft Frauen, die körperliche, psychische, soziale, ökonomische und sexuelle Gewalt erfahren haben oder sich bedroht fühlen. Der Tübinger Verein bietet kostenlose und anonyme Beratung und Unterstützung. Der Verein unterhält auch ein autonomes Frauenhaus, das Frauen und ihren Kindern beispielsweise Schutz vor gewalttätigen Partnern bietet. Auf der Homepage gibt es Infos auch auf Ukrainisch: https://www.frauen-helfen-frauen-tuebingen.de/ukrayinskii Die Mitarbeiterinnen von „Frauen helfen Frauen“ beraten persönlich, telefonisch und online. Betroffene Frauen können beispielsweise einen Termin für ein Gespräch im Frauen*ProjekteZentrum in der Weberstraße 8 in Tübingen vereinbaren. Treffen sind aber auch an anderen Orten möglich. Die Mitarbeiterinnen sprechen Deutsch, Englisch und… Read More

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Violence against women: Association offers help

“Women Help Women” helps women who have experienced physical, psychological, social, economic and sexual violence or feel threatened. The Tübingen-based association offers free and anonymous counseling and support. The association also runs an autonomous women’s shelter that offers women and their children protection from violent partners, for example. Information is also available in Ukrainian on the homepage: https://www.frauen-helfen-frauen-tuebingen.de/ukrayinskii The staff of “Women Help Women” provide advice in person, by phone and online. For example, affected women can make an appointment for a meeting at the Frauen*ProjekteZentrum at Weberstraße 8 in Tübingen. However, meetings are also possible at other locations. The… Read More

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Certified work experience

Many people acquire professional knowledge and skills during their working life. They often cannot prove these acquired competences with a formal document, e.g. a certificate. In order to accelerate the validation (that means: to establish the value of something) of non-formally and informally acquired knowledge in Germany, the German Confederation of Skilled Crafts (ZDH) and the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) have developed the project “Valikom Transfer” (duration until 10/2024) together with the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). In this project, non-formally and informally acquired knowledge is identified. Vocational experts then assess whether the… Read More

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Sick leave by phone extended

Patients with colds can continue to take sick leave by phone. This possibility is valid until 31 March 2023 because of Corona and the flu season. This was decided by the joint committee of doctors, health insurance companies and clinics. However, doctors must personally convince themselves of the patient’s illness in a thorough interview. Sick leave on the phone for minor upper respiratory illnesses is possible for up to seven days. It can be extended once by seven days. This regulation is intended to reduce full waiting rooms and thus the risk of infection in doctors’ surgeries. See https://www.g-ba.de/presse/pressemitteilungen-meldungen/1083/ tun22111801… Read More

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State pays the gas surcharge in December

Those who heat and cook with gas or use district heating will be relieved in December. The Bundestag and the Bundesrat have passed an emergency aid bill worth billions. In December, the state will take over the down payment for gas—but only one twelfth of the annual consumption forecast in September. If tenants have a contract directly with an energy supplier, the company either waives the instalment in December or pays it back later. For other tenants, the landlord saves first. The landlord is then supposed to pass on the savings to the tenants in the annual statement of operating… Read More

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