How the Youth Welfare Office helps parents and children

The Youth Welfare Office supports parents in raising their children. At the same time, the authority also helps children and young people who are in need, for example because their parents are not able to look after them properly. Youth Welfare Offices are part of the administration, they exist in all districts and large cities. However, the offices also generally help to create a family-friendly environment, for example by offering recreational activities for children and young people. In Tübingen, Mössingen and Rottenburg, the district offers parents and children special family counselling centres where parents and children can get advice and… Read More

Residence permits in Tübingen now available electronically / Foreigners’ Office changes appointment procedure

In Tübingen, a residence title can now only be applied for or extended online. This document is needed by anyone who comes from a country outside the European Union and wants to stay in Germany for a longer period of time. Both—application and extension—can be done around the clock and without an appointment at the Foreigners’ Office. The link to the online application for an electronic residence permit (eAT) can be found on the municipal website at: The required documents are uploaded and transmitted directly in the online application. This allows the Foreigners’ Office to process the applications more… Read More

Deutschlandticket: How to get out of the subscription

The Deutschlandticket is only sold by subscription. Without cancellation, the contract will continue to run and cost money. Nevertheless, the subscription can also be terminated after one or a few months—all you have to do is send the notice of termination by the 10th of the current month at the latest. The procedure varies from provider to provider. At the Naldo transport association, the subscription can be cancelled at the customer centre. You can also do this online by clicking on the button on the homepage: There you will find the button “Submit cancellation”: With Deutsche Bahn, the… Read More

Money from the state for integration

The municipality of Ammerbuch receives 11,500 euros for the integration of refugees. The money comes from the state programme “Integration vor Ort”. With this money, the Ministry of Social Affairs in Baden-Württemberg wants to support 29 projects—including tünews INTERNATIONAL. The Ammerbuch project is called “Living Integration”. It includes language support for refugees, workshops for better equal opportunities and supervision for volunteers. In addition, there will be bags with toys that children from refugee families can borrow. The project also includes get-to-know-you meetings for people newly arriving in Ammerbuch. See tun23091901 Das Rathaus in Entringen. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL /… Read More

Intercultural week aims to promote dialog

Films, concerts, dance, painting activities, eating together, cooking courses, a reading, an exhibition, guided tours and an evening by the Muslim hospital chaplaincy in Tübingen on the topic of “Does illness have a cultural and religious meaning?”: There is all this and more at the Intercultural Week (IKW) in Tübingen and partly in Rottenburg and Mössingen. The IKW begins on Saturday, September 23, and runs until Sunday, October 8. This year, the nationwide motto is “New Spaces”. Among other things, the IKW is intended to offer opportunities for encounters, promote dialogue between migrant and non-immigrant people and strengthen togetherness, according… Read More

Vouchers for further vocational training and retraining

The Employment Agency and the Job Centre offer education vouchers for further vocational training and retraining. Workers can broaden their qualifications and develop their skills on the labour market. Jobseekers are entitled to an education voucher if the further training is necessary to end unemployment, avert imminent unemployment or to make up for a missing vocational qualification. Prerequisites and approved training providers are discussed in the counselling interview. In addition to financial support, the Employment Agency or the Job Centre will pay certain contributions to health, pension, nursing care and accident insurance during the funded CET. For more information:… Read More

Deutschlandticket: Off to the mobile phone

The Deutschlandticket can only be bought as a classic paper ticket until the end of the year, then it will only be issued as a chip card or mobile phone ticket. However, you can already download the Deutschlandticket to your mobile phone. Those who want to use the discounted Deutschlandticket for Tübingen residents at a price of 34 euros as a mobile phone ticket are dependent on the “Wohin-Du-willst” app from Naldo. To do this, you first have to register at the Naldo Abocenter (, then download the app and finally follow the instructions on the homepage: In essence,… Read More

Tübingen residents get a discount on the Deutschlandticket

Since July, people who live in Tübingen and its districts have been paying only 34 euros for their Deutschlandticket. This saves them 15 euros compared to the normal retail price of 49 euros. According to the Tübingen city administration, the city council had decided in March to pay subsidies. The offer applies to everyone who lives in the city centre or in one of the suburbs. This means that discounted tickets are available for residents of the city centre, Unterjesingen or Bühl, but not for residents of Ammerbuch. The Deutschlandticket can be ordered as a mobile phone ticket up to… Read More

Sirens wail for rehearsal on warning day

It’s that time again: On Thursday, 14 September, sirens will be tested all over Germany—as every year on the second Thursday in September. Starting at around 11 a.m., sirens will sound, digital information boards will be tested, and warnings will be issued via radio, television and the mobile phone service Cell Broadcast or (if it is installed on the mobile phone or smartphone) a warning app such as NINA. The system checks whether everything is working. An all-clear should be given at around 11.45 a.m.—except for Cell Broadcast. In an emergency, warnings can be issued for local dangers such as… Read More

Attacks on refugees on the rise

The number of attacks on refugees has increased significantly: In the first half of 2023, there were 704 attacks against refugees and 80 attacks on shelters. This is revealed in the federal government’s response to a small question from the parliamentary group “Die Linke” in the German Bundestag. In the first half of 2022, there were 544 attacks on refugees and 52 attacks on their shelters. According to the federal government, there were a total of 1,420 politically motivated attacks on asylum seekers and refugees in 2022, which also represented an increase compared to 2021. 83 percent of these crimes… Read More

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