2700-year-old wine press discovered in Lebanon

The wine industry has its origin in the Middle East Youssef Kanjou It is unknown exactly when the people knew the wine industry, but it is clear that is very ancient, as well as all the archaeological evidence that it started in the Middle East. At the same time, until now there are a few ancient evidence has been discovered about this the industry, such as facilities and ponds. The oldest traces in the Levant were found on the wine industry dating back to the sixth millennium BC. The win press in that period consisting of rock or stone floors… Read More

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Working while quarantined

Employees who are quarantined don’t necessarily have free time. This is regulated in the Infection Protection Act and often additionally in the employer’s regulations. Only those who actually get sick and have a doctor’s certificate don’t have to work while in quarantine or seclusion – as it’s called in bureaucratese. Depending on their work and the technical equipment provided by the employer, all others have to work while in quarantine. Employees who usually work with machinery or in a laboratory can get assigned other tasks by their employer, which they can then do from home. tun21033101 Wer in Corona-Quarantäne muss,… Read More

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Integration summit 2021 – the result

During the 13th integration summit on March 9th – a digital event with 120 representatives from state and non-profit organizations – a new “national action plan” was decided. This plan is meant to help and improve the integration and everyday life of migrants. During the summit, chancellor Angela Merkel pointed out that many migrants still deal with structural disadvantages: “We’re all Germany, that’s the aim.” Annette Widmann-Mauz, integration minister of the federal government, called attention to the challenges of the pandemic: “We have to make sure that we are not set back by the corona pandemic.” Because of this, the… Read More

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A coin from Damascus shows a Syrian, who became a Roman emperor

By Stefan Krmnicek At the beginning of the year, tünews INTERNATIONAL introduced a coin of King Antiochos VIII and his mother Cleopatra Thea from Syria: A 2000-year-old coin from Damascus tells a story. Today, an interesting coin from Damascus during the Roman imperial period is to be presented. Both are from the Institute of Classical Archeology’s coin collection at the University of Tübingen. This piece is a 9.05 grams heavy bronze coin, with a diameter of 24 millimeters. Its surface has been badly damaged by corrosion. Because of this, not all details are clearly visible. However, with our knowledge of… Read More

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It’s worth applying for a tax return

As a rule, anyone who works in Germany has to pay taxes. The employer pays these taxes directly to the tax office. For many people it is worth filing a tax return every year. Then, for example, they can inform the tax office of their costs for training, for the home office or for transportation to work. They can even apply to claim a flat rate for tax relief. The tax office then calculates whether someone will get money back. Of the 25.5 million people who were not self-employed in Germany in 2016, 13.7 million filed a tax return for… Read More

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Scammers steal with fake emails

You may receive e-mails promising shopping vouchers or prizes. Sometimes the emails ask recipients to take part in a survey to receive the prizes. Sometimes these mails appear to come from the online mail order company Amazon, from food companies such as Edeka, Rewe and Lidl, or even from the furniture store Ikea. Attention: These are fake e-mails. Internet scammers want to trick the recipients. Anyone who clicks on the link provided is led astray. The link leads to the website of data collectors who want to get hold of pins or passwords, for example. With this data, they can… Read More

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Coffee: millions love it, but how did it spread?

Youssef Kanjou und Oula Mahfouz Do you miss sitting in the café now in Corona time? Have you ever thought about how coffee houses and cafes came into being and who spread around the world? The use of coffee developed differently according to the customs and traditions of each country. But how and when did coffee, drinking habits originate and when did coffee houses spread all over the world? There are many myths about it. Probably Ethiopia is the original home of coffee beans, but Yemen is the country from which coffee as a drink was spread. And it was… Read More

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Rumours about Germany

Pregnant women have a better chance of getting asylum in Germany. Germany takes in 5000 migrants daily – these and many other rumours about migration to Germany and Europe can be found on the internet. This wrong information leads many people to flee to Germany and falsely hope for asylum in Europe. Often, these rumours are spread by traffickers, who want more profit. However, people should base their decision to flee or migrate to Germany on facts instead of lies. Because of this, the German Federal Foreign Office has launched the website “#rumoursaboutgermany” in 2015. The website is available in… Read More

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What the heart symbol means

By Oula Mahfouz “The heart breaks”. This metaphor expresses sorrow, but doctors also acknowledge a “broken heart syndrome”. A “strong heart” may refer to a healthy heart or strong character. One with a weak heart may be sick or not resilient. Why does the word hold so many meanings? Many consider the heart a symbol of love, but the heart may also hold love’s opposites, envy, hate, and others. In fact, science shows all emotions originate from the brain. The current symbolic depiction of the heart originates from depictions of fig leaves and ivy leaves, explaining why the symbol bears… Read More

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Learn German online in the VHS learning portal

Those who want to pass the time until they can visit an integration or German course can use the free online courses offered by the German Association of Adult Education (DVV). They offer a variety of courses, including the regular ABC-courses for adults, but also courses with the topics writing and reading in the job, basic education, preparation for graduation or literacy training. The project is sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and is free. Learners have to register on the platform to participate in courses. The offers are for independent learning and some are mentored by… Read More

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Hand gestures for domestic violence

As part of the corona pandemic, domestic violence has risen worldwide. Women and children are affected most often. Consequently, the “Canadian Women’s Foundation” has developed hand gestures, which can save human lives. Without having to speak, victims of domestic violence can show that they need help, for example during a video chat. If one sees a hand gesture such as the one shown here, they can help. Information and support: The violence against women support hotline 08000 116016 The violence against men support hotline 0800 1239900 Child and youth telephone 0800 1110333 https://www.fritz.de/programm/aktuelle-themen/2020/06/handzeichen-fuer-hilfe-hausliche-gewalt-schlaege-notruf-frauen-kinder-zuhause-lockdown-corona-angst.html tun21011902 Latest information on Corona: Click here… Read More

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