Naturalization in Germany 1: Several basic requirements

People who have fled to Germany since 2014 are now thinking of becoming German citizens. tünews INTERNATIONAL spoke to Matthias Regenbrecht on June 3rd, 2020. Regenbrecht has been responsible for naturalizations at the district office in Tübingen for 15 years. In the studio of tünews INTERNATIONAL, he first gave an overview of the conditions imposed by the German Citizenship Act, which was last changed on November 20th, 2019. Regenbrecht mentioned the time that refugees must have legally and permanently lived in Germany, which is usually 8 years. Sometimes shorter periods of 7, 6 or 3 years may also apply. The… Read More

Right to stay instead of deportation

Having a “plan B”, an alternative plan in mind, is always a good idea. Due to the socalled “Ordered Return Law” (Geordnete-Rückkehr-Gesetz) passed in summer 2019, many people are in need of counselling, since the legal situation keeps changing almost every month. The Tübingen initiatives “move on – menschen.rechte tübingen e.V.“  (move on – human.rights Tübingen e.V.) and  “Fluchtpunkte e.V.” (Escape Points Tübingen e.V.) are supporting refugees with their new project “Plan.B” in their efforts for a secure right of residence in Germany. Anyone who wants to receive a toleration (Duldung) because of training or work must provide an identity… Read More

“The right to stay through work”

Entrepreneurs from Baden-Württemberg demand that refugees with unsecured residence who are employed and well-integrated no longer be deported. The entrepreneurs spoke out to Interior Minister Thomas Strobl and protested against the deportation of well-integrated workers. “There should be no more bans on employment and short-notice deportations of asylum seekers integrated into work,” Markus Winter, one of the spokesmen for the entrepreneurs’ initiative “Right to stay through work”, told the Schwäbische Zeitung. “As entrepreneurs, we have invested a lot of money in the training and education of these individuals.” The entrepreneurs also recently expressed their concerns in the ARD daily topics.… Read More

Education or work allowance: Urgent

A new residence law has been enforced in Germany since January 2020. It affects allowance to engage in education or work. Anyone wishing to apply must provide proof of who he or she is and where he or she came from by Tuesday, June 30th. This is urgent. Afterward the due date the allowance can no longer be applied for. A birth certificate (with name, nationality, date of birth) and a passport or other official document of the country of origin must be provided by June 30th. If this does not work, the applicants must prove that they have taken… Read More

Accessibility of the immigration authorities in the district of Tübingen

Accessibility of the immigration authorities in the district of Tübingen Due to the corona situation, there are currently no open office hours at the immigration authorities in the district of Tübingen. Appointments can be made in urgent cases. The following accessibility applies to the individual offices and authorities:   Immigration office in the district office An appointment is to be made directly with the responsible clerk. The contact details can be found here: To prolong tolerations and residence permits, it is sufficient to send the residence permits or tolerations to the district office. After the extension, the documents will… Read More

Corona: Who has to leave the country, but can’t

The corona epidemic is also affecting people who were to stay in Germany for three months without a visa or with a limited “Schengen visa”. It may be possible that these people are unable to leave the country because of the corona measures. In such cases, the local foreigner’s office can extend the visa by up to six months due to humanitarian reasons or issue a tolerance permit. The Asylum Centre Tübingen points out that affected persons have to submit a corresponding application before the expiry of the legal residence period. tun032302 Impressionen zum Leben in Zeiten der Corona-Pandemie: Foto:… Read More

Corona: Applications to the immigration office by post

In Tübingen, almost all applications can now be submitted in writing to the local foreigner’s office. This also applies to applications for employment or training permits. These must be sent to the foreigners’ office by post. If the foreigners’ office has approved an application, it will send the corresponding residence documents by post. Applications for redistribution and applications for change or cancellation of the residency must also be submitted in writing. According to the Asylum Centre Tübingen, those who start a new job or change employers must fill out the form “Stellenbeschreibung” (Job Description) from the Employment Agency’s website and… Read More

Corona: Easier applications for residency in Tübingen

In Tübingen, almost all applications can now be submitted in writing to the local foreigners’ office. This means that you no longer have to come in person. According to information from the Asylum Centre in Tübingen, the office is currently extending toleration periods by six months and residence permits by twelve months. When a residence permit is applied for the first time, the application must be submitted in writing in person. If possible, however, the foreigners’ registration office can also waive the requirement to appear in person in this case. The old passport can, then, be sent to the foreigners’… Read More

Tübingen Foreigners Office: New regulations due to Corona

Almost all applications to the local foreigner’s registration office can now be submitted in writing, so that no personal contact may be required. For clarification of unresolved questions, the staff members can be reached from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. with the number 204-2020. Asylum seekers can send applications for residence permits or tolerance permits (Duldung) per post to the local foreigner’s registration office or by dropping them in the letterbox at the citizen center (Bürgeramt). The staff will return the extended documents as soon as possible. Tolerance permits have currently been extended by six months and residence permits by… Read More

The way to permanent residence

Future The way to permanent residence By Mohammed Kheer Hazeem and Feras Trayfi The tünews editors Mohammed Kheer Hazeem and Feras Trayfi talked to Thomas Steimle and Thorsten Lehmann from the foreigners authority in the Tübingen district administration office about this topic: What is a settlement permit? A settlement permit is a permanent residence permit for third-country nationals. Which conditions need to be fulfilled? The requirements depend on the individual case. There is a special paragraph for refugees, namely § 26 Abs 3 Residence Act. There the requirements for refugees are listed. There are two options: you can apply for… Read More

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