Social workers: First point of contact for many questions

Without them, arriving in Germany would be even more difficult than it already is: the social workers of the specialized service for refugees at the district office. They are the first point of contact for people from all over the world seeking refuge in Tübingen County. In most cases, the men and women become active on their own initiative, because they know when refugees newly arrive in the district—for example Ukrainian refugees at the Hotel Convita in Rottenburg. As one of the social workers reports, they are also on site there two days a week to answer questions. Appointments can… Read More

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Improving educational opportunities for immigrant families

The Tübingen Intercultural Network for Parents’ Education (INET for short) will receive a total of 25,398 euros in funding from the state for its “INET in Kitas” project in 2023 and 2024. The state Ministry for Social Affairs, Health and Integration has already funded this project in 2021 and 2022. The INET network was founded in 2010. It aims to “improve educational and participation opportunities for migrant people.” More than 160 volunteers work with INET. One of them is Oula Mahfouz, an editorial member of tünews INTERNATIONAL. Oula Mahfouz knows both sides of the education system. She was a teacher… Read More

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Former refugee BM in Ostelsheim

Ryyan Alshebl is the new mayor of the municipality of Ostelsheim in the district of Calw. Born in Syria, he trained as an administrator and was employed by the municipality of Althengstett. Of the 1359 valid votes, 55.4 percent were cast for him in the first round of voting. This is evident from the official final result, which the municipality has published on its homepage. Alshebl writes on his homepage that he fled Syria in 2015 at the age of 21, among other things to avoid having to do military service. He describes his situation: “It was the first time… Read More

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How can families with children become Germans

By Qoutayba Abboud Many refugees who came to Germany since 2015 can and want to apply for German citizenship now. In order to obtain German citizenship, certain requirements must be met, such as length of stay in Germany, residency status, German language skills, or livelihood security. In addition, the application process for naturalization of families with children differs from that for single persons. To learn more about this, tünews INTERNATIONAL visited the naturalization office of the Tübingen District Office, which is responsible for the entire district, and found out about the requirements that apply specifically to families with children. The… Read More

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New law may enable residence for tolerated persons

As of January 1, 2023, the new opportunity residence law will enable an 18-month right of residence for tolerated people and families. It is in Section 104c of the Residence Act and applies to people who have lived in Germany without interruption since October 1, 2017 or longer and are only tolerated. Other requirements include a commitment to the free democratic basic order, no criminal offenses (i.e., not more than 50 daily sentences for general offenses or more than 90 for offenses under the asylum/residence law), and no repeated intentional false statements about identity or nationality that prevent deportation. Persons… Read More

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German test for immigrants: new rules

There is a language test especially for immigrants—the German Test for Immigrants (DTZ). With it, they can prove knowledge at levels A2 and B1. Since January 2023, there are new rules. Anyone who wants to take the DTZ exam must either have a valid entitlement to attend an integration course or attend a course section of the integration course beforehand at their own expense. A course section (module) comprises 100 hours of instruction. At the Volkshochschule (VHS) Tübingen, for example, the full-day language exam costs 150 euros. Listeners of the VHS Tübingen, it says on the VHS homepage, get a… Read More

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Money for blankets and food

Von Brigitte Gisel Earthquake victims in northern Syria are still receiving hardly any outside help. TüNEWS editor Youssef Kanjou organizes support on his own initiative. “We are collecting money for northern Syria because of the earthquake. Because people are not getting enough aid and they don’t have enough food.” The appeal reads breathless, desperate—and that’s the situation. “They are doing very badly,” Dr. Youssef Kanjou says of his mother, brother and family and cousins who live in Jenderes in northwestern Syria near the border with Turkey. “They lost everything,” says the former director of the National Museum of Aleppo, who… Read More

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Faster visa appointments for Syrians from earthquake regions

The visa process for Syrians affected by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria has been eased. Above all, this means faster appointments for the application. People from Syria can apply for visas at German missions in the region—such as Istanbul, Beirut, Amman and Erbil. This was the response of a press spokeswoman of the German Foreign Office (AA) to an inquiry from tünews INTERNATIONAL. There will be more appointments at the visa offices in Beirut and Istanbul for family reunification with Syrian nationals in Germany who are eligible for subsidiary protection, according to the AA website. There will also be… Read More

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Germany as a destination for refugees in 2022

In 2022, 1.3 million refugees have arrived in Germany, including more than one million from Ukraine and 245,000 from other countries. Globally, 28.6 million people are currently living as refugees outside their country, according to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR)—24 percent more than the previous year. The war in Ukraine has caused this sharp increase, with nearly eight million people from Ukraine, mostly women and children, seeking protection in Europe. War refugees from Ukraine are allowed to enter the European Union freely. Most of the refugees from other countries arrived via one of the routes that cross the Mediterranean Sea.… Read More

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Help for migrants in the search for housing

People who immigrate from abroad or come to Germany as refugees are confronted with the challenge of looking for and finding a new apartment in Germany. Of course, having your own apartment is part of arriving and staying. However, the search for an apartment is often associated with many difficulties. Especially in the larger cities, housing is scarce and demand is high. The Federal Ministry of Housing, Urban Development and Construction (bmwsb) offers help and advice to migrants in their search for housing. In a brochure, there are many tips on how to find your own apartment as quickly as… Read More

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