New hope for those who have been tolerated for a residence permit

The federal government has set out a law that makes it easier for those with leniency to remain permanently in Germany. The decision “Chancen-Aufenthaltsrecht” affects people living in Germany for at least five years who have a “Duldung”, a temporary suspension of deportation. The prerequisite is that they did not commit a crime or have not given false information about themselves. In addition, they have to prove during a one-year “trial period” that they can live independently with the money they have earned and speak good German. It is estimated that approximately 130,000 people are subject to this regulation. Recently,… Read More

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Refugees do not enter Germany illegally

By Michael Seifert In statements to the media in recent weeks, interior ministers of various federal states and also the former federal interior minister have repeatedly spoken of illegal entries of refugees into Germany. These increasing “unauthorised” entries are worrying and must be prevented. However, these politicians do not talk about the fact that people have a good reason to come to Germany when they seek asylum. tünews INTERNATIONAL asked the Tübingen lawyer Holger Rothbauer what the legal situation is. He is an expert in foreigner and refugee law. “If a person from a third country crosses the border into… Read More

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Statistics: Syrians make up the largest group of foreign doctors in Germany

“The medical profession in Germany is becoming more colourful”: There are currently more than 57,000 foreign doctors working in Germany. This is the result of the current statistics of the German Medical Association. This means that out of 548,302 doctors in Germany, more than 10 percent come from abroad. For the third year in a row, Syrian doctors took first place in the number of foreign doctors in Germany. In 2021, the number of Syrian doctors reached 5404. In 2020, it was 5242. 4,314 of them work in German hospitals. Doctors from Romania took second place (4,721), followed by doctors… Read More

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More and More are Becoming Germans: People from Syria lead the Way in Naturalizations

Last year, almost three times as many Syrians were naturalized in Germany as in the previous year. 19,100 of them received a German passport. According to data from the Federal Statistical Office, there were around 20 percent more naturalizations in 2021 than the year before, although in 2020 the numbers had fallen by 15 percent. In total, around 131,600 foreigners received a German passport last year. In Tübingen, 518 people naturalized last year—111 more than the year before. Furthermore, Syrians made up the largest group to naturalize with 88 persons, while in the previous year there were only 29 persons… Read More

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Employment of refugees: a “job engine” for German companies

The employment of refugees in German companies since 2015 has had a very positive impact on the market opportunities of these companies. This is the result of the study “From ‘refugee crisis’ to job engine: An analysis of the experience of German companies in integrating refugees” by the non-profit organisation “Tent Partnership for Refugees” and the research institute DIW Econ. This study analyses for the first time the experiences of 100 medium-sized and large German companies, three quarters of which have hired refugees for the first time since 2015. According to the study, 64 per cent of the companies state… Read More

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Counselling that makes you independent

Tübingen District. Around 400 refugees from the district of Tübingen have made it: they have become independent of the district’s social services. This is according to Martin Quack, one of the heads of the specialised service for refugees at the Tübingen District Office. Most of them have found a job that has made them independent of social benefits, they speak good German and have their own flat. Others have moved away, for example because they have found a job elsewhere. As a rule, the support ends when the refugees have received a settlement permit and are thus allowed to stay… Read More

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Most refugees in 2021 came from Syria

As many refugees as in 2015 and 2016 are now no longer arriving in Germany. Nevertheless, according to the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, 190,816 people applied for asylum in 2021—the year before the Ukraine war—56.2 percent more than in 2020, despite the Corona pandemic. Exactly 148,233 people submitted an initial application in 2021. Most of them came from Syria (37.0 per cent), followed by Afghanistan (15.7 per cent) and Iraq (10.5 per cent). Only 1.8 per cent of initial applications in 2021 came from refugees from Iran, 1.7 per cent from people from Nigeria. Since 1990, 5.3 million… Read More

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Fictitious certificate – who needs it and how to get it

Anyone who applies for a residence permit or settlement permit in Germany receives a temporary residence title, the fictitious certificate, from the Foreigners’ Registration Office. This is valid until the authority has made a decision on the application. The fictitious certificate is an official document to prove the provisional right of residence. It gives the person immediate entitlement to all benefits linked to a residence title, such as social benefits or the opening of a basic checking account. It also allows the person to leave and re-enter Germany. A fictitious certificate is currently also often required by refugees whose residence… Read More

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Grant for the recognition of foreign professional qualifications

Anyone who wants to have professional qualifications acquired abroad recognized in Germany and does not receive financial support from the Employment Agency or the Job Center can apply for a recognition grant. The grant is aimed at employees who have lived in Germany for at least three months, work below their completed qualification and have a low income. In addition, they may not receive financial support for the recognition process from other support programs. Low-income earners include persons who earn less than 26,000 euros gross or, together with their spouse or partner, less than 40,000 euros gross per year. The… Read More

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What is known about refugees from Ukraine

331,600 entries of refugees from Ukraine were registered until 11 April 2022, according to the Federal Ministry of the Interior. Since Ukrainian citizens can enter the European Union without a visa and move freely there, many more are actually staying in Germany. An exact number cannot be determined. The Federal Ministry of the Interior conducted a survey among 2000 refugees. According to this, 84 percent of the refugees from Ukraine are women, 58 percent of them came to Germany together with their children. Their average age is 38. 92 percent of the respondents were employed or in training in Ukraine.… Read More

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