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The Lern-Café-Tübingen starts from April 26th every Tuesday from 17:30 to 19 o’clock in the Café Sozial (Tübingen, Derendinger Straße 50). The Lern-Café Tübingen is a project of the association Menschlichkeit Ulm e.V. At the Lern-Café, people of all nationalities who are in a language course, in vocational school or on their way to university receive tutoring that is individually tailored to their language level. For more information about the Lern-Café go to: https://menschlichkeit-ulm.de/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/flyer-lern-caf%C3%A9_06-2019.pdf Registration for students: https://form.jotform.com/220962525700350 Registration for helpers: https://form.jotform.com/220963263113348 tun22041901 Der Fachbereich Soziales der Stadt Tübingen ist ab Oktober 2021 in der Derendinger Straße 50, 72072 Tübingen… Read More

What does an Ermessensduldung mean?

What does an Ermessensduldung mean?   An “Ermessensduldung” (discretionary suspension of removal) is issued, if a person cannot be removed from a country due to reasons of public, humanitarian or personal interest (§ 60a Abs, 2 Satz 3 AufenthG). “Discretionary” in this context does not mean that the authorities decide in an arbitrary fashion on an individual level. Rather it implies that there are several possible decisions. Each decision is made based on certain criteria. For example, if somebody has found a place for an apprenticeship and is to begin this apprenticeship within 6 months, he is a likely candidate… Read More

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