New language project for refugees who want to study

“Starthilfe Deutsch” is a new project that aims to give particularly gifted young refugees from the Stuttgart area a basic knowledge of German up to language level B1 in academic German courses in a short period of time, thus preparing them for university studies. Subsequently, the participants are to be accepted into scholarship programs for the gifted. Participation in the German courses is free of charge, travel expenses can be covered. Contact: Deutschkolleg Stuttgart /Verein zur Förderung ausländischer Studienbewerber und Studenten Stuttgart e.V., Allmandring 6, 70569 Stuttgart, Tel. 0711 6870 6818,, Further information: Microsoft Word – Deutschkolleg –… Read More

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Kids in the lecture hall

The University of Tübingen is offering the Children’s University again this year, a series of lectures for children between the ages of 7 and 12. The events will take place on May 9, 16 and 23, as well as June 13 and 20, always at 5 p.m. in Lecture Hall 25 (Kupferbau, Hölderlinstraße 5). On May 9, for example, the topic will be “Why are journalists not allowed to lie?”; on May 16, “Why do some children get good grades and others don’t?”; and on June 20, “Why does the moon always look different?” Registration is not necessary. Parents may… Read More

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Improving educational opportunities for immigrant families

The Tübingen Intercultural Network for Parents’ Education (INET for short) will receive a total of 25,398 euros in funding from the state for its “INET in Kitas” project in 2023 and 2024. The state Ministry for Social Affairs, Health and Integration has already funded this project in 2021 and 2022. The INET network was founded in 2010. It aims to “improve educational and participation opportunities for migrant people.” More than 160 volunteers work with INET. One of them is Oula Mahfouz, an editorial member of tünews INTERNATIONAL. Oula Mahfouz knows both sides of the education system. She was a teacher… Read More

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Studying with a child

Many students have their own children, whom they raise and educate parallel to their studies. In order to ensure equal opportunities, universities offer a wide range of assistance, such as semesters off, facilitation of study organization, daycare services, and financial support. Students with children are also allowed to study longer than everyone else. They also receive BAföG for longer if they use it to finance their studies. If parents have a lot to do during the semester, they can also apply within their courses to have more flexible deadlines or attendances, for example. However, many universities not only pay attention… Read More

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Islamic Studies: Many work at schools

Most graduates of Islamic theological studies at German universities work as teachers or in social work. This is the result of a study by the Academy for Islam in Science and Society (AIWG). It was conducted at Goethe University in Frankfurt in cooperation with the universities of Gießen and Mainz. “After graduation, about 44 percent of the graduates went into the educational field, about 26 percent into social work and about 15 percent into academia. Only about 13 percent are active in community work and about seven percent in pastoral care,” the Mediendienst Integration quotes the result of the study.… Read More

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Ukrainian NMT now also possible in Germany

This year, Ukrainians who want to study at a Ukrainian university can take a mandatory national multi-subject test (NMT) in Germany. According to the current status, the tests will be held in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich. Registration is still open until May 3. Even though the list of cities where the NMT can be taken might become a bit longer, the Ukrainian Center for the Evaluation of Educational Quality advises to register as soon as possible, as the number of participants abroad is limited. If a more convenient location for individual participants is found later, they can change it… Read More

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Online registration for school childcare as of the 2023/2024 school year

From the 2023/2024 school year, registration, re-registration and deregistration for school childcare in elementary schools in the Tübingen city area and in the districts will take place via online portals. For this reason, it is necessary to re-register for school childcare from September 2023 onwards by 21.04.2023 at the latest. If you do not want any further school childcare from the school year 2023/2024, you do not have to do anything. All previously booked childcare modules for the future 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades (from the 2023/2024 school year onwards) will automatically be terminated on 31.07.2023. There are 21 elementary… Read More

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Language learning in tandem for students

The University of Tübingen offers a project for all students who are interested in languages: The “Sprachentandem” makes it possible to meet with native speakers and thus not only improve your language skills, but also get to know some of the culture. For example, a German student who wants to improve her Spanish can meet with a Spanish student who is studying German in Tübingen. In principle, this works for any language for which there are tandem partners. The program is organized by the department “German as a Foreign Language and Intercultural Programs” at Tübingen University. The foreign students looking… Read More

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Dual vocational training: a springboard to the world of work

Whether you’re a bricklayer, a baker or an office administrator: In order to work in these professions, you complete a dual vocational training program in Germany. During the training period, which lasts between two and three and a half years, the trainee alternates between the training company and the school. Every week, the trainees, colloquially known as “apprentices”, spend one or two days (depending on the educational institution) at a vocational school to learn the theory. On the other days, they work in the company. Apprentices are paid by the company for the duration of their training. Dual training is… Read More

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One-time energy payment for students

Starting in mid-March, students and technical students will be able to apply for the 200 euro flat-rate energy payment. They can already apply for the required access data for the portal. For this application, students need a BundID. To obtain this, either an ID card with online function, or an Elster certificate is required. The BundID can then be applied for using an app on the cell phone. Only with the BundID and an access of the respective university, the lump sum can be requested from mid-March. When exactly the money will be paid out, however, is still unclear. The… Read More

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