First study about „Russian-Germans”: well-integrated

Since the end of the 1980s, 2.7 million people from countries of the former Soviet Union have migrated to Germany. With about 3.5 million, they form the largest immigrant group today. However, little is known about their situation. The migrant researcher Jannis Panagiotidis (University of Osnabrück, University of Wien since 1/8/2021) has recently published the first comprehensive study about this population group, which he calls “post-soviet migrants”. Incidentally, the current German tennis Olympia winner Alexander Zverev also belongs to that group. The largest part of the post-soviet migrants is from Russia and Kazakhstan, but also from Ukraine. One part of… Read More

What does an Ermessensduldung mean?

What does an Ermessensduldung mean?   An “Ermessensduldung” (discretionary suspension of removal) is issued, if a person cannot be removed from a country due to reasons of public, humanitarian or personal interest (§ 60a Abs, 2 Satz 3 AufenthG). “Discretionary” in this context does not mean that the authorities decide in an arbitrary fashion on an individual level. Rather it implies that there are several possible decisions. Each decision is made based on certain criteria. For example, if somebody has found a place for an apprenticeship and is to begin this apprenticeship within 6 months, he is a likely candidate… Read More

Distance-learning University “Kiron” for refugees

Distance-learning University “Kiron” for refugees by Mohammed Kheer Hazeem   Many refugees in Germany have great difficulties if they want to study at a university. They often have to wait for a long time for a spot at the university, but also the bureaucracy is causing great difficulties. But the biggest hurdle is learning the German language.   In order to overcome these obstacles, in 2015 the „Kiron“ (Kiron Open Higher Education for Refugees) was founded. It is only for refugees who want to study, and the number of study places is not limited. In order to avoid long waiting… Read More

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