Rights and obligations: the German constitution

The Basic Law has regulated the coexistence of people in Germany since 1949. The constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany since reunification in 1990 has also applied to the federal states of the former German Democratic Republic. The Basic Law regulates not only the rights but also the duties of all people in Germany. Moreover, The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees has published a brochure on the Basic Law. In this brochure, people who have immigrated to Germany express what the constitution means to them. It is about human rights, gender equality, freedom of belief, freedom of opinion,… Read More

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Incorrect bill from the energy supplier—what to do?

A shocking bill arrived from the energy provider: they wanted an additional payment of more than 850 euros and increased the monthly payment by 75 euros for electricity, gas, and water. What to do? The Consumer Advice Centre recommends checking the bill thoroughly first. According to the list for this year, water consumption has increased more than fivefold over last year. A customer advisor from the energy supplier said on the phone that an error could have happened. He asked for the email with the name, address, contract account, and a photo of the current status of the water meter.… Read More

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Please buy your ticket!

By Mostafa Elyasian Unlike many other countries, where you show your ticket as you board the train or bus, things work differently in Germany. Here, travelers board public transportation without first showing the driver their ticket. Passengers without a monthly ticket must purchase their ticket before boarding, or directly on the vehicle at a ticket machine. While you don’t show your ticket as you board, there are still people checking for tickets. These people board the bus unannounced, show their ID, and check for tickets. If you cannot show a ticket during the check, you must present your ID and… Read More

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Return to Ukrainian frontline towns

Hanna’s mother returned from Tübingen to Kharkiv in Ukraine in mid-June 2022, to a destroyed house. Many of her friends are also in the process of returning to the city, where Russian missiles are still hitting. About a third of the Ukrainian population has fled after the escalation of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine since 24 February 2022. Of the approximately 44 million Ukrainians, more than seven million arrived in European countries outside Ukraine, while another seven million or so remained inside Ukraine. This was reported by the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) in its Update on the Situation of… Read More

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Recognize fake shops on the internet

Customers are increasingly ordering and paying for goods online, but they are not delivered. Consumer Advice Center warns of more and more online fake shops. Therefore, it has developed a search engine. This service allows customers to identify fraudulent providers where the Internet address of an online shop can be entered at the address www.verbraucherzentrale.de/fakeshopfinder In the sign light, red means the provider is on a fake shop list. Yellow means there are no clear characteristics, while green means the shop is trustworthy. In addition, the Federal Office for Information Security provides seven tips with detailed information on its website… Read More

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Grilling is allowed again at fireplaces

The risk of wildfires has decreased due to rain and lower temperatures. From Thursday, September 1st, you can grill again at the public fireplaces in Tübingen. The Tübingen district office announced this. The “No barbecue” signs installed in July are gradually being removed. For further information, please visit the following link: https://www.kreis-tuebingen.de/aufnahme+waldbrandanger.html tun22090101 www.tuenews.de Grillverbote auf Grillplätzen wegen der starken Hitze. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Mislina Kiymaz.  5,541 total views

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Buy tickets again: Buses and trains after the 9-euro ticket

September 1st will mark the end of the nine-euro ticket. Therefore, all passengers of buses and trains will have to buy a ticket again before departing. For refugees from Ukraine, there will be no more returning fees for local transport fares. The Association of German Transport Companies had already announced this in May. The cheapest way to get a ticket in Tübingen is for owners of the KreisBonusCard: they can buy a monthly pass for the TüBus for 15 euros. Alternatively, there are discounted tickets for four; Four tickets then cost only 5.20 euros, for children 2.60 euros. The pupil’s… Read More

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Wrongly not receiving child benefit

A number of refugees were wrongly denied child benefit between 2006 and 2020. This was decided by the Federal Constitutional Court on 3 August. The highest German court declared unconstitutional a regulation according to which families from non-EU countries only received child benefits if they worked, received unemployment benefit I or were on parental leave. However, the judges left in place the rule that people who lived in Germany for international, humanitarian or political reasons could only apply for benefits after three years. However, the ruling will hardly have any financial impact: At present, only parents who had filed a… Read More

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Tips on saving energy and help with impending power cuts

The cost of energy is rising massively. Hot water, heating and electricity are becoming much more expensive. What can customers of energy suppliers do? Tips are given in a brochure published by the Baden-Württemberg Consumer Advice Centre for the district of Tübingen. In it, experts describe how to heat and ventilate properly and how to save money on washing, cooking, cooling, hot water consumption and electricity. The experts also provide information on what can be done if an electricity cut-off is imminent. They describe where and how help is available if the electricity is to be cut off – for… Read More

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Tübingen Tafel closed until 13 September

The Tübinger Tafel is taking a summer break. The shop at Eisenbahnstraße 55/57 will be closed for five weeks from Monday, 8 August, up to and including Sunday, 11 September. Food will be delivered on 12 September. From Tuesday, 13 September, customers can come again. There is an alternative for the summer break of the Tübinger Tafel. The Tafel works together with the initiative Foodsharing. Foodsharing has eleven locations in Tübingen and one in Kusterdingen where food is passed on. The addresses can be found at https://foodsharing.de/?page=fairteiler&bid=6 More from the Tübinger Tafel at https://www.tuebingertafel.de/my-post tun22080201 www.tuenews.de Der tübinger Tafelladen in… Read More

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