No bus service: warning strike on 25 and 26 May

In Reutlingen on Thursday, May 25, and in Tübingen on May 25 and 26, there will be no buses in the city traffic all day. This is announced by the Tübingen public utility and the Reutlingen public transport RSV. The reason is a warning strike called by the trade union Verdi. Most lines in Tübingen are affected, but there is an emergency timetable. In Reutlingen, all lines in the city transport, in Pfullingen, Eningen, Pliezhausen and Walddorfhäslach are on strike. The eXpresso express bus to Stuttgart Airport is also not running. According to RSV and Stadtwerke, the strike will last from… Read More

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Are children allowed to travel alone?

Children are allowed to travel alone in ermany, but there are some conditions and restrictions that may vary depending on the age of the child and the type of trip. For domestic travel in Germany, there are no specific laws or regulations that state whether or not a child may travel alone. In principle, children 6 years of age and older may travel alone by train. Most airlines, train companies and bus companies have their own regulations for children traveling alone—for example, a minimum age and special support services such as accompaniment and care during the trip. If a child… Read More

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Driving license: probationary period can be extended to four years

Anyone who has passed the driving test is allowed to drive a car. However, the driving license—specifically the class B driving license—is first issued on a probationary basis. This probationary period lasts two years and starts on the day you get your driver’s license. If you are only 17 years old and participate in accompanied driving, the probationary period begins when you receive the so-called test certificate. The probationary period applies to all classes except Am (two-wheelers under 45 km/h maximum speed) and L and T (agricultural tractors). This is according to the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport.… Read More

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Social workers: First point of contact for many questions

Without them, arriving in Germany would be even more difficult than it already is: the social workers of the specialized service for refugees at the district office. They are the first point of contact for people from all over the world seeking refuge in Tübingen County. In most cases, the men and women become active on their own initiative, because they know when refugees newly arrive in the district—for example Ukrainian refugees at the Hotel Convita in Rottenburg. As one of the social workers reports, they are also on site there two days a week to answer questions. Appointments can… Read More

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Tübingen events at a glance

Tübingen offers many city events throughout the year—from special markets to the punting race, music festivals, the summer theater and the city run to the chocolate fair in December. If you’re looking for tips on what to do, you can check out a city page online. There is an overview of the events—sorted by the date of the event and provided with brief explanations of what they are about. Links also lead to markets and fairs, to external event calendars and advance booking offices. The overview can be found at tun23042606 Neckarbrücke mit Bepflanzung. tünews INTERNATIONAL / Mostafa… Read More

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Shipments from a non-EU country

As of July 1, 2021, the previous duty-free limit of 22 euros for goods orders from non-EU countries has been lifted. This means that consumers must now also pay import VAT for smaller orders of goods from non-EU countries, and customs duties if the value of the goods exceeds 150 euros. Depending on the goods, import turnover tax amounts to 7 or 19 percent of the value of the goods and is levied directly by the delivery service or customs. Customs charges may also apply, depending on the type of goods and whether they are subject to certain property rights.… Read More

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Which insurances are important

Two insurances are mandatory in Germany: health insurance and liability insurance for car owners. In addition, there are a large number of offers for other insurances. It is not easy to decide which risks should be insured. An overview is provided, for example, by the consumer advice center: Stiftung Warentest also provides tips on how to find your way through the jungle of insurance offers: At the top of the list of important insurances are those that cover existential risks—i.e. those that can mean ruin for a family. Private liability insurance is at the top of the list.… Read More

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Registering for kindergarten in good time

Parents in Tübingen who want to send their child to a kindergarten must register it there six months in advance. There is a uniform, central registration procedure for both municipal and private facilities. The Central Registration Office for Children (ZAK) checks all registrations and stores them in a database. The ZAK is located at the city’s child day care department. Parents can register their child for kindergarten online or with a paper form. Registrations for childcare with a daycare provider also use this form. Parents must pay for child care. The amount depends on the weekly care time and the… Read More

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Receipts: It’s better to keep them

Keeping receipts has several advantages. For one thing, it makes it easier to see where all the money has gone at the end of the month. Secondly, there is an important reason for buying household appliances or a new cell phone: the warranty. Customers have a right to have the device exchanged or repaired if it has a defect within the first two years. But because you have to prove that you actually bought the device from a particular retailer, it’s important to keep the receipt, advises the Bavarian Consumer Center. Experts also advise copying the receipt, as the blue… Read More

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Tübingen “KreisBonuscard extra” for those with a low income

The city of Tübingen is extending the KreisBonusCard (KBC) for Tübingen residents whose income is slightly above the limit for social benefits. For the “KBC extra”, their income may be up to 20 percent higher than the standard rate for the citizen’s benefit. Special burdens and expenses would be taken into account, the city writes in a press release. Those who have this “KBC extra” can get certain discounts: for local transport, culture, leisure and shopping. Applications for the “KBC extra” are possible here: social counseling at the Diakonisches Werk and Caritas, district offices Waldhäuser-Ost and Weststadt, district centers Brückenhaus… Read More

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