Travel and save with the 9-Euro-Ticket

Consumers are moaning about the sharp rise in energy prices. That’s why the Bundestag and Bundesrat have now decided to ease the burden on people. One part of the relief package is the 9-euro ticket. It is valid in June, July and August for second-class travel on all local trains, regional trains and buses, and trains throughout Germany. Long-distance travel (i.e. ICE, IC and EC trains) and Flixbus and Flixtrain are excluded. The ticket can be purchased in advance from the Naldo or VVS transport associations, for example, either individually or for all three months at once. The ticket is… Read More

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Every degree less saves energy costs

Energy prices have been rising rapidly since 2021. With the war in Ukraine, the cost of electricity, heating and gasoline shot up again and continues to reach new highs. What can families and individuals do to reduce energy consumption and thus costs? The consumer center has tips. These tips are in a brochure that is also available in English, Arabic and Dari. The booklet explains how to heat properly, i.e. economically, how to ventilate the home properly, how to save energy when doing laundry, cooking and baking, washing dishes, and when working and playing with computers and the like. These… Read More

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Support for sports activities

The association BewegtEuch e.V. promotes sports activities for children and young people under the age of 18. Those who would like to practice a sport but do not have the financial means for leisure activities can contact the association. Children and young people who have fled Ukraine also receive support. For example, membership fees at sports clubs, equipment for certain sports or participation in sports camps are paid. The association was founded, among others, by Dr. Lisa Federle, an emergency physician from Tübingen, during the Corona pandemic. Funding works through sponsorships and donations. Anyone who would like to receive a… Read More

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When the “blue passport” is not accepted …

By Michael Seifert Refugees cannot use their identity documents to have money sent from abroad via Western Union. They can, however, transfer money abroad. This was the experience of Leyla (name changed by the editors), a Syrian woman, who reports: “My brother, who lives in Scandinavia, wanted to send me 250 euros via Western Union. I went to the post office in Tübingen and presented my blue refugee passport to identify myself. The woman at the counter told me I couldn’t get money with that passport.” Those were the new rules, she said. The fact that one is allowed to… Read More

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Subsidy for heating costs doubled

Households receiving housing benefit, students with BAföG and quite a few trainees will receive a one-off subsidy for heating costs this year. The federal government has doubled the subsidy compared with the original plans because energy costs have risen so sharply. Recipients of housing allowance will receive 270 euros, and two-person households 350 euros. In addition, 70 euros is added for each additional person in the household. Students with BAföG and trainees with training allowance/training allowance who no longer live with their parents, as well as those receiving support for advancement with a maintenance allowance, receive 230 euros. The allowance… Read More

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Private meetings possible indefinitely / Mask and 3G still apply

The Bundestag and Bundesrat have passed a new Infection Protection Act with relaxations. Baden-Württemberg will only partially adopt them. Here, some stricter rules continue to apply from Saturday, March 19th, up to and including Saturday, April 2nd. The most important changes: At private gatherings such as birthday or wedding parties, there is no longer a limit on the number of guests. For public events such as soccer matches or concerts, the audience restrictions will be dropped as well. The FFP2 mask requirement will continue to apply in enclosed spaces such as restaurants, gyms and public transport for people over the… Read More

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Vacation program during the carnival vacations in Tübingen

During the carnival vacations from February 28 to March 4, the Pixelwerkstatt and the German-American Institute (d.a.i) offer a vacation program for children and teenagers. The d.a.i offers English courses from 5th grade up to Abitur preparation or exam preparation for Realschule level. For holders of the KreisBonusCard Junior, the courses cost 5 euros each. The Pixelwerkstatt offers courses on animated films, robots, textile plotting or photo editing. For holders of the KreisBonusCard Junior, the courses cost between 1 and 2 euros. For more information on the courses and to register, visit: tun22022401 Platanenallee in Tübingen. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL/Mostafa… Read More

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Branches of the public library closed

A fire alarm system is being installed in the Derendingen branch of the Tübingen Public Library. Therefore, the library will be closed from February 26th to March 21nd. During this time, the library will also be unavailable by telephone. Loan periods that expire during this time will be automatically extended to March 22nd. If necessary, media can be borrowed and returned at the main branch of the public library. In addition, the Waldhäuser-Ost branch will be closed during the Carnival vacations from February 28 to March 4. Further information: tun22020104 Die Zweigstelle der Stadtbücherei Tübingen im Stadtteil Derendingen. Foto:… Read More

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Apply for a spot in the day care center

Everyone who wishes to enroll their children in a day care center or nursery school in Tübingen must do so until the end of February 2021. The day care center years starts in September. The date until which parents have to accept the spot is provided in the acceptance letter. Detailed information about child day care in Tübingen ( and the application procedures (www.tü are available on the internet. There, it is also possible to apply for a public or private childcare spot online or to download the application forms as paper. The Zentrale Anmeldestelle Kinderbetreuung (Central Application Office for… Read More

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Ban on plastic bags

From January 1st, 2022, plastic shopping bags will no longer be allowed to be offered in shops throughout Germany. More specifically the ban is on the light plastic carrier bags with a thickness between 15 and 50 micrometer. These are the standard bags that you used to get when you went shopping. Particularly sturdy reusable bags and the thin plastic bags found at fruit and vegetable stands are excluded from the ban. Why aren’t these bags banned as well? The federal government fears that manufacturers will then start packaging more products in plastic again. tun22010404 Ab dem 1. Januar… Read More

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