One insurance for many legal cases

Legal disputes rapidly cost a lot of money. Legal expenses insurance supports insured persons in enforcing their claims. “It covers litigation costs up to agreed sum insured” according to the consumer advice centre. However, there are waiting periods. In most cases, the reason for a legal dispute may not lie until three months after the start of the contract. For whom is legal expenses insurance important? The consumer centre recommends, for example car drivers and tenants to consider whether legal expenses insurance makes sense for them personally and which one. And it advises checking the insurance conditions carefully – ideally… Read More

Tips and help for everyday life in Germany

The brochure “Strengthening the consumer protection skills of refugees. A working aid in simple language” helps refugees to find their way in everyday German consumer life. The topics are briefly explained, followed by practical hints, tips and examples. The brochure also provides checklists, explanatory videos and overviews, often in several languages, e.g. Arabic. Questions on contracts, online shopping, reminders and debt collection agencies, labor and tenancy law, SCHUFA information, banks, loans and insurance are covered. Further information: tun21081801 “Eine Broschüre der Verbraucherzentrale gibt hilfreiche Tipps in Sachen Banken, Kredite und Versicherungen. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Mostafa Elyasian.” Latest information… Read More

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