Facilitation for Ukrainian truck drivers

The recognition of Ukrainian driving licenses applies not only to private individuals, but also to professional drivers. This is the result of the corresponding EU regulation of July 18. (https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/DE/TXT/?uri=CELEX:32022R1280) With these licenses, truck drivers are therefore allowed to drive in Germany and in all EU member states until the end of the protection period. This makes it easier for Ukrainian drivers to access the EU labor market. They do not need a certified translation or an international driver’s license. The regulation is valid until March 6, 2025, but in concrete terms it will only apply for as long as the protected status lasts.
However, there is still a need for clarification regarding the driver qualification certificate for freight transport. For this, an ordinance is still missing that regulates for Germany which training courses and tests are required, the Ministry of Transport (BMDV) announced at the request of Tünews. The training period is expected to last between 35 and 60 hours, according to the EU decision. “Currently, the BMDV is working together with the federal states, the Federal Motor Transport Authority, the Federal Printing Office and the DIHK to establish the necessary procedures and legal basis for the temporary recognition of Ukrainian professional driver qualifications in Germany, which are required by the EU,” the press office said.
If a truck driver has lost his Ukrainian driver qualification certificate or if it has been stolen, he can request that his details be checked – including with the authorities in Ukraine. If the driver does not have an EU model driver’s license, member states require an examination to determine whether he or she meets the minimum physical and mental requirements.



Lastkraftwagen. Regelungen in Deutschland. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Theresa Melnyk.





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