Deutschlandticket: How to get out of the subscription

The Deutschlandticket is only sold by subscription. Without cancellation, the contract will continue to run and cost money. Nevertheless, the subscription can also be terminated after one or a few months—all you have to do is send the notice of termination by the 10th of the current month at the latest.
The procedure varies from provider to provider. At the Naldo transport association, the subscription can be cancelled at the customer centre. You can also do this online by clicking on the button on the homepage:
There you will find the button “Submit cancellation”:
With Deutsche Bahn, the Deutschlandticket can be cancelled via the subscription portal or the cancellation form:
For other providers, you have to check the homepage. In all cases, it is important to save the cancellation in some form—as a paper printout or screenshot.


Bahnschienen um Tübingen. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL/ Theresa Melnyk.






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