Tübingen supports Kremenchuk

There is a lack of many things: The mayors of Tübingen and the Ukrainian city of Kremenchuk spoke to each other online for the first time about the current situation. In the conversation, however, Boris Palmer and Vitaly Maletsky also discussed the long-term perspective of a relationship between the two cities. Kremenchuk is an industrial, commercial and university city with more than 200,000 inhabitants in central Ukraine. After the Russian missile attacks, the main concern now is “to survive the winter,” Maletsky said. That means reliably supplying the city with energy, water and electricity during the cold season. Tübingen wants to support Kremenchuk in this. In August, the Tübingen city council unanimously voted in favor of a solidarity partnership with Kremenchuk.

More at https://www.tuebingen.de/1620.html#/41098



Kriegsgebiet in der Ukraine. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Yana Rudenko.






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