State promotes app for tünews INTERNATIONAL

The integrative media project tünews INTERNATIONAL, based in Tübingen, will receive project funding totalling 120,000 euros until 2026, the Ministry of Social Affairs of Baden-Württemberg announced in a press release dated 5 September 2023. A total of 29 integration projects have been selected by an expert committee of the state, which will be funded with a total of about two million euros from the funding pot “Integration vor Ort – Stärkung kommunaler Strukturen“. tünews INTERNATIONAL is one of the six projects in the state funded with the maximum amount. This is according to an announcement by the Minister of Social… Read More

Editorial: One year

Wars, conflicts, natural disasters often affect members of the tünews INTERNATIONAL editorial team personally. This has been the case since the launch of our media project in 2015, especially for members of the editorial team from Syria and Afghanistan. And it has been repeated since February 24, 2022, when Russia escalated the war against Ukraine. On July 19, 2022, the first news in Ukrainian appeared on tünews INTERNATIONAL. Two refugee women from Ukraine joined our editorial team. They are in contact with friends and relatives in their regions of origin almost daily via smartphone. To date, we have published 120… Read More

The earthquake in northern Syria and Turkey and tünews INTERNATIONAL

By Wolfgang Sannwald The earthquake in northern Syria and Turkey has hit relatives of tünews INTERNATIONAL employees hard: In the family of a relative many have died, of the members of a family friend only one small child is still alive. At tünews INTERNATIONAL, we are increasingly experiencing how media reports about seemingly distant places bring us closer. This is evident in our editorial meetings, where people are together who come from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Nigeria, Afghanistan or Ukraine. Some of us have been meeting for two hours a week for seven years. For many of them, the connections to… Read More

tünews INTERNATIONAL: Almost like the FAZ for refugees

By Wolfgang Sannwald “So this is practically a national newspaper, like the FAZ.” Baden-Württemberg’s Minister President Winfried Kretschmann did not shy away from big names during his editorial visit to tünews INTERNATIONAL on 16 August 2022, drawing a comparison with the renowned German Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. With so much flattery, I could only smile: “Yes, exactly the right comparison, Mr Kretschmann …” However, six more follow-up questions from the head of the Baden-Württemberg government conveyed that we need to explain tünews INTERNATIONAL better. What makes tünews INTERNATIONAL tick cannot simply be described by comparisons, not even by a comparison with… Read More

Editorial: tünews-Ukraine

By Wolfgang Sannwald The German Foundation for Commitment and Volunteering has awarded tünews INTERNATIONAL a grant of 44,650 euros. We had submitted an application for the organisational development of tünews Ukraine. The grant was awarded on 25 August within the framework of the programme “EHRENAMT HILFT GEMEINSAM – ankommen, mitmachen, Gesellschaft gestalten”. At present, we are conducting workshops on the organisational development of tünews INTERNATIONAL. We are preparing structures that will enable us to better serve the information needs of refugees from Ukraine in addition to our existing activities. We have formed a preparatory team for this purpose. This team… Read More

Disinformation about racism towards refugees

By Wolfgang Sannwald The Ukraine war is also an information war. Currently, statements about journalists and politicians in Europe are circulating in social media. They would allegedly say publicly that blue-eyed and blond war victims from Ukraine are much closer to them emotionally than, for example, those from the Arabic or Persian-speaking regions. This is linked to accusations of racism. The “Deutsche Zentrum für Integrations- und Migrationsforschung” (German Centre for Integration and Migration Research) (DeZIM) investigates developments and trends regarding racism in Germany. It published survey results in its “Nationaler Diskriminierungs- und Rassismusmonitor” (National Discrimination and Racism Monitor) (NaDiRa) on… Read More

Editorial: Great support in the district council

By Wolfgang Sannwald “If tünews INTERNATIONAL didn’t exist, you’d have to invent it,” Jürgen Hirning of the Green Party figuratively “tipped his hat” at the April 27, 2022 meeting of the Tübingen County Social and Cultural Committee. Wolfgang Sannwald had reported a formal change to the committee. In 2021, the supporting association KulturGUT e.V. founded its own non-profit company tünews INTERNATIONAL gUG (haftungsbeschränkt). In view of the 3.5 million hits on the website, this corporate form is intended to free the association’s board of directors from liability risk. The district council of the district of Tübingen makes tünews INTERNATIONAL… Read More

Editorial: The war in Ukraine and us

By Wolfgang Sannwald There has been war in Ukraine since 2014. At the end of February 2022, Russia escalated this war by a large-scale attack. Several hundred thousand people are fleeing from there, mainly towards the European Union (EU). The editorial team of tünews INTERNATIONAL includes many colleagues who have fled to Germany themselves since 2015, including from Syria and Afghanistan. Information about the war in Ukraine affect them in a special way. And this information is pouring in on them not only via television programs, but around the clock via social media. Above all, images and sounds awaken memories… Read More

tünews INTERNATIONAL gained reach in 2021

By Wolfgang Sannwald More and more people are taking notice of tünews INTERNATIONAL. This has been confirmed by the doubled number of clicks on our articles. We have been collecting click figures since March 15th, 2020, when we switched from printed wall newspapers and magazines to digital e-news in the middle of the first Corona lockdown. In 2020, we published 609 news stories online; in 2021, we published 391 by the end of November. We consistently research and write our own news. We do not publish opinion pieces, but factual and fact-based reports. Our news is published in four languages:… Read More

Bewilderment concerning the situation of the people in Afghanistan

What should we at tünews INTERNATIONAL write about the change of power in Afghanistan? We discussed this for hours in our editorial meeting. We heard about the bafflement of our colleagues whose family members have died in the almost five-decade-long war. Suddenly everything in vain? Of relatives who had previously worked as teachers or in administration. We wondered what future awaits them now? With Iran’s interest in water resources and China’s in mineral resources, and Russia’s concern about terrorist attacks in neighboring countries like Tajikistan. Of warlords who want to regain power. Which money is used to establish which order?… Read More

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