State promotes app for tünews INTERNATIONAL

The integrative media project tünews INTERNATIONAL, based in Tübingen, will receive project funding totalling 120,000 euros until 2026, the Ministry of Social Affairs of Baden-Württemberg announced in a press release dated 5 September 2023. A total of 29 integration projects have been selected by an expert committee of the state, which will be funded with a total of about two million euros from the funding pot “Integration vor Ort – Stärkung kommunaler Strukturen“. tünews INTERNATIONAL is one of the six projects in the state funded with the maximum amount. This is according to an announcement by the Minister of Social Affairs and Integration Manne Lucha on 5 September 2023. tünews INTERNATIONAL has received the funding notification. The Tübingen media project tünews INTERNATIONAL has been providing information for people since 2015, in Arabic, Persian, English, German and since last year also Ukrainian. The district of Tübingen makes the project possible, among other things, because the news, which is researched and written in a journalistic manner, provides people with low-threshold information on questions of everyday life here. On 31 July 2023, District Administrator Joachim Walter and members of the tünews INTERNATIONAL editorial team appeared on ZDF’s “heutejournal”. The homepage recorded about 5 million clicks in 2022. With the funding, tünews INTERNATIONAL now wants to develop its own app in order to bring its information offering to users even more broadly and in a way that meets their needs.


ZDF zu Besuch bei tünews INTERNATIONAL. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Mostafa Elyasian.






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