Refrain from celebrating Halloween during corona

The evening before All Hallows’ Day, Halloween, from October 31st to November 1st, was especially popular in Catholic Ireland in its beginnings. Irish immigrants in the United States of America followed this tradition to remember their origin and extended it. Since the 1990s, the Halloween customs, building on the American traditions, have become popular in Europe. Youngsters and children dress up as zombies or other scary characters on the evening before All Hallows’ day and go around in groups. They knock on each door and ask, “Trick or Treat”, which is a way of asking for candy.

They do this every year. However, due to the rising number of people infected with the corona-virus in Baden-Württemberg, its health minister Manfred Lucha is advising against big parties. “Of course, nobody will monitor if some children from the neighbourhood ring your doorbell and ask for candy. But it is certainly not the time to go around town in groups of ten people or to hold parades,” said Manfred Lucha. He asked parents to handle the situation responsibly. After all, people should currently only do what is truly necessary. This way, the closing of day care centers and schools can be avoided and the economy won’t have to be shut down.


Impressionen zum Leben in Zeiten der Corona-Pandemie: Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL; Wolfgang Sannwald, 28.10.2020

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