Milk products – a precious commodity?

There are rich countries and there are poor countries. Mohammad from Afghanistan is wondering how many tons of milk, yoghurt or other groceries that have already been bought are thrown away in Germany. And in Afghanistan and other countries, for example, people need milk that is not there. In Germany the supply is much greater than the demand, especially at dairy products. And a lot of other food is thrown away here because the best-before date has expired. Mohammad’s training in the grocery trade includes going through the store every morning and sorting out the expired goods. Every day he finds four to five cartons of milk and even more cartons of goat or sheep milk that have expired. In Afghanistan, people prefer to buy fresh, untreated milk in a jug, glass or other container they have brought with them. The milk mostly comes from abroad, for example from Pakistan. People then make their own yoghurt or cheese from the raw milk. When Mohammad came to Tübingen, he still made yogurt or pudding himself from fresh milk.


Ein Glas Kuhmilch. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Kerstin Markl.

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