Refugees from Ukraine: More and more working

One year after the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, more than eight million Ukrainians are registered as refugees in European countries. A good one million of them live in Germany, reports the Integration media service. Because Ukrainians can move freely within the Schengen area and some have also returned, the figures are of limited significance. However, it is undisputed that many have already found jobs in Germany.
On the anniversary of the start of the war, 1,066,951 refugees from Ukraine were registered in the German Central Register of Foreigners. Most of those who came were women (69 percent). Almost a third are children under 18. Baden-Württemberg has taken in 136,000 people from Ukraine, putting it in third place behind North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria. In 2021, a good 41 million people lived in Ukraine.
The number of refugees who found jobs rose sharply from 57,000 to 125,000 between February and November 2022, according to the Federal Labor Office. Another 29,000 are marginally employed. Almost three-quarters of the refugees are considered highly qualified with university or technical college degrees. Even relative to the Ukrainian population, refugees are thus better educated than average. There are two trends in terms of employment: 21 percent of the refugees work in the rather low-skilled sector in catering, cleaning companies or warehousing. In contrast, 23 percent are employed at the other end of the qualification scale in research and teaching or in software development, for example. Half of the refugees are currently attending a language course. Three out of four refugees said they were looking for a job and would also accept a job that was below their qualifications.
37 percent of the refugees from Ukraine would like to stay in Germany permanently, 34 percent at least until the end of the war. Two percent want to return in the course of the next year.


Beflaggung vor dem Tübinger Regierungspräsidium. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Martin Klaus.






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