Tübingen increases penalties for littering

After warm summer nights, popular places in Tübingen’s old town, such as the Holzmarkt, look like garbage dumps. People throw a lot on the ground that doesn’t belong there. This is called wild garbage. In a month, 30 to 40 tons of wild garbage accumulate. Anyone who throws away chewing gum, cigarette butts or glass bottles illegally and is caught has to pay for it. A new catalog of fines has been in force in Tübingen since July 1 this year. “Increased controls and higher fines are intended to help make the city cleaner,” writes the city’s press office in response to an inquiry from tünews INTERNATIONAL.
Here are some examples of the new fines in Tübingen: Paper handkerchief 20 euros, paper plate or cup 30 euros, cigarette butt 40 euros, cans 40 euros, bottles 40 euros, bags / packaging 50 euros, chewing gum 60 euros and broken glass 80 euros (plus fees and expenses of 28.50 euros).



Ein illegal auf die Straße in Tübingen geworfener Pappbecher kostet 30 Euro Strafe, wenn der Wegwerfende erwischt wird. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Linda Kreuzer.






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