Construction work on railway lines and the B 27

Travelling from Tübingen by public transport will not be easy for a few weeks. The reason is construction work on the routes. If you want to travel to Stuttgart, for example, you should check the connections at or at the counter in the station and plan more time. This affects the rail connection between Tübingen and Nürtingen until Wednesday, 23 August. The trains will be replaced by buses. From Thursday, 24 August, until Tuesday, 5 September, only buses will run between Tübingen and Reutlingen. The IRE 6(a) from Stuttgart to Tübingen is completely cancelled until Friday, 8 September.
There will also be problems on the Gäubahn towards Singen in August, September and October. There are no trains in several sections. Travellers on the S-Bahn from Stuttgart to Herrenberg will also have to change to buses in some sections until Friday, 8 September.
On the Ammertalbahn, only buses will run between 8.45 p.m. and 1.45 a.m. on Monday, 14 August, and Tuesday, 15 August.
Those commuting by car between Stuttgart and Tübingen will also have to allow extra time. The construction work on the B27 is expected to last until mid-October. There is only one lane in both directions.


Bahnschienen um Tübingen. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL/ Theresa Melnyk.


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