Farmers’ protests on 10 January in the Tübingen district

Farmers are currently protesting nationwide against the German government’s plans to cancel tax breaks for agricultural diesel, among other things. Although some of these plans have already been withdrawn, farmers in the Tübingen district also blocked motorway access roads. This caused traffic chaos on Monday, 8 January. On Wednesday, 10 January, there will be a new action by the Tübingen District Farmers’ Association. From 2.30 pm, farmers will meet with their tractors at Europaplatz in Tübingen. The destination of the protest drive is Bodelshausen. Rottenburg, Unterjesingen, Tübingen and the B 27 motorway will be particularly affected. The action is scheduled to end at 6 pm. A major demonstration is planned in Berlin on Monday, 15 January to conclude the nationwide week of protests. Other political actors such as right-wing extremists or so-called lateral thinkers are trying to profit from the farmers’ actions. The farmers’ association officially distances itself “from right-wing and other radical groups with a desire to overthrow”, according to association president Joachim Rukwied.


Landwirtschaftliche Nutzfläche bei Tübingen. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Mostafa Elyasian.


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