Waste: What to do with old CDs or the electric cooker?

Where can glass, old clothes, batteries, CDs, electrical appliances and even hazardous waste be disposed of? On the website of the waste management company in the district of Tübingen you will find the addresses of the collection centres for the different types of waste.
There are special collection points throughout the city of Tübingen for old clothes and shoes, glass, CDs, but also for problematic waste such as small electronic appliances, mercury thermometers, batteries and adhesives and more. Refrigerators and freezers, cookers, washing machines, televisions, computers, but also wooden furniture, scrap metal and bulky waste are collected twice a year—but you have to apply for this in advance. You will receive the tokens and authorisation codes required for this with your waste disposal fee notice. The appliances can also be taken to the Dußlingen recycling centre during opening hours. Construction waste can only be handed in there. Ordinary batteries are usually also taken back by shops that sell batteries.
The addresses of the various collection points can be found here:



Elektronische Geräte dürfen nicht im normalen Müll entsorgt werden. Foto: tuenews INTERNATIONAL / Linda Kreuzer.



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