Offers for families with little money

There are many offers of help for families in Tübingen who don’t have much money. However, not all the support services are well known. A 20-page brochure from the city of Tübingen aims to change this. It is a guide – with addresses, telephone numbers and opening hours – to help and services from babyhood to adulthood. The brochure is available online or in print, for example from advice centers, Tübingen town hall or the social services department in Derendinger Straße. How do kindergarten or school children get free lunch? Who does not have to pay daycare fees? Is there… Read More

Import and export when traveling

A passenger did not eat her apple on a flight from Germany to Indonesia. On arrival, inspectors took the fruit away from her. She didn’t know why. The reason: import and export regulations apply when traveling, which can vary from country to country. These regulations govern which items you can and cannot take with you. It is important to find out about the specific rules of your destination country before you travel to avoid unpleasant surprises. Frequently regulated goods include food, plants, animals, alcohol and tobacco products. It is advisable to observe these regulations in order to avoid possible penalties… Read More

New rules for children’s passports

The classic German children’s passport is being phased out. From 1 January, there will be a new electronic passport with a chip. This was announced by the Federal Ministry of the Interior in Berlin. However, children’s passports that have already been issued can still be used until they become invalid, it continues. However, the ministry points out that some countries already no longer accept extended children’s passports. In addition, some countries already require that the passport is valid for three to six months when entering the country. Information on whether the specific destination country recognises a children’s passport or an… Read More

Block for fraud during driving license test

More and more people in Germany want to get their driving license. And: more and more novice drivers are trying to cheat on the theory test. This was reported by the TÜV in a press release. According to TÜV figures, there were more than 2711 attempts to cheat on the theory test in the first nine months of 2023—more than ever before. But not all of them were detected. Anyone caught cheating must expect consequences: a ban of a maximum of three quarters of a year until the next test. This is governed by Section 18 of the Driving License… Read More

Only with a mask in the Tübingen hospital

More and more people are becoming infected with the coronavirus or other pathogens. Tübingen University Hospital is therefore making masks compulsory again. It will apply from Monday, 13 November, according to the hospital. The mask requirement applies to all buildings. A simple surgical mask is sufficient for visitors and outpatients as well as patients at the day clinic. It does not have to be an FFP2 mask. Staff at the hospital will also wear a mask when in direct contact with patients. tun23111001 Pflicht an der Uniklinik Tübingen: OP-Masken. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Martin Klaus. 000831

Fraudsters send more and more fake SMS

The story could be true, but it is made up: A message comes to mom and dad via SMS. Their child has a new cell phone number, which the parents should save. Experts warn against this scam. Those who reply to the new number are, for example, told a story about an emergency and are supposed to transfer money. Usually it is about 1000 to 3000 euros. They end up in the accounts of criminals. In 2022, fraud via Messenger caused damage in the double-digit millions nationwide, reports the Federal Criminal Police Office. Its head spoke of more than 20… Read More

With KBC: D-Ticket for 15 euros is coming

A Germany ticket at a price of 15 euros for KreisBonusCard holders in Tübingen will in all likelihood be introduced on 1 March next year. This was decided by the supervisory board of TüBus. The prerequisite, however, is that the city of Tübingen compensates the Stadtwerke for the lost revenue. The chances of this happening are good: money has already been earmarked for this in the budget for this year. It is “very certain” that this will also happen in 2024, the city’s press office informed Tünews INTERNATIONAL. According to the Stadtwerke, this involves 400,000 euros for one year. There… Read More

Citizen’s income to rise from January 1, 2024

It’s been decided: The citizen’s income and social assistance will be increased from January 1, 2024. Single adults will then receive 563 euros a month. That is 61 euros more, or twelve percent. There will also be around twelve percent more for personal school supplies. Payments under the Asylum Seekers’ Benefits Act will also increase. This was announced by the federal government. Background are enormously risen costs of living and higher prices for energy. The new rates for social assistance and citizen’s allowance per month: single / single parents 563 euros (plus 61 euros); couples per partner 506 euros (plus… Read More

Tübingen supports Kremenchuk

There is a lack of many things: The mayors of Tübingen and the Ukrainian city of Kremenchuk spoke to each other online for the first time about the current situation. In the conversation, however, Boris Palmer and Vitaly Maletsky also discussed the long-term perspective of a relationship between the two cities. Kremenchuk is an industrial, commercial and university city with more than 200,000 inhabitants in central Ukraine. After the Russian missile attacks, the main concern now is “to survive the winter,” Maletsky said. That means reliably supplying the city with energy, water and electricity during the cold season. Tübingen wants… Read More

Jugendticket becomes Deutschland-Ticket

The JugendticketBW will become a Deutschland-Ticket on 1 December. This is the information provided by Tübingen’s public utility company. Then young adults, schoolchildren, trainees and people doing voluntary service will be able to use buses and trains on local transport throughout Germany for 30.42 euros a month. Until now, this was limited to the state. The Jugendticket BW was previously discounted to 22 euros for anyone living in Tübingen. The municipal council must now decide in the next few weeks whether this will also apply to the new ticket. The JugendticketBW is valid for everyone under the age of 21.… Read More

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