Entitlement to household help

Anyone who is no longer able to run their household due to illness, pregnancy, childbirth or a cure can apply to the health insurance fund for household help. This is possible under the following conditions: The applicant belongs to a statutory health insurance fund and needs a medical certificate. No one else living in the family can take over the household management. A child under 12 years of age or a disabled child lives in the household. However, this is not necessary in the case of complaints during pregnancy or after birth. Household help can also be applied for by… Read More

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TK doctors’ guide: Arabic in the practice

How do you find a doctor who speaks Persian, Arabic or Kurdish? The Techniker-Krankenkasse (TK) offers a search function on its homepage that makes it possible to find doctors in a certain region and speciality who have special language skills. The offer of the statutory health insurance is free of charge. However, if you search the database for a general practitioner who speaks Arabic, you will mainly find one in the Stuttgart city area. A Persian-speaking doctor can be found in Böblingen, for example. There are special searches for all specialties from ophthalmologists to dentists. There are around 40 languages,… Read More

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“Morning-after pill” prevents unwanted pregnancy

If a woman has had unprotected sex, the “morning-after pill” can prevent pregnancy if taken in time. This is the case regardless of whether the woman forgot to take the pill, the condom was damaged or the couple dispensed with contraception altogether. Emergency contraception medications include those containing the active ingredients levonorgestrel (Pidana) or ulipristal acetate (Ellaone). The tablets are available over the counter in pharmacies. They work more reliably the sooner they are taken after unprotected sex. According to Pro Familia, the interval should be no more than 70 to 120 hours. “Ideally, the morning-after pill should be taken… Read More

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Who helps when parents are sick

When single mothers or fathers become seriously ill, it‘s bad for the whole family. Who takes care of the children now? Under certain conditions, there is then help from the health insurance companies. This is regulated by law. However, the length of time for which they provide support varies from companie to companie. Members of the AOK, for example, can claim household help for up to a whole year. The first requirement is a medical certificate. This is issued by the family doctor if mothers or fathers of children under the age of 12 have an acute serious illness or… Read More

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Mask obligation in bus and train ends

At the end of January, Baden-Württemberg (BW) will abolish all Corona restrictions that the state was able to set for itself. This means that as of Tuesday, January 31, there will no longer be a mask requirement in local public transport (ÖPNV) in BW. Also the personnel in medical and dental practices as well as in psychotherapeutic practices must carry then no more masks with the work. This has been decided by the state cabinet. Nevertheless, experts still recommend wearing a mask in enclosed spaces. This applies especially to people at risk. A mask must still be worn in long-distance… Read More

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How to find a doctor

How to find a doctor? This is not only a problem for migrants, but especially for them. There are plenty of commercial providers on the Internet that can help narrow down the search to specialties and locations. This service is also offered by health insurance companies, such as the AOK ( https://www.aok.de/pk/hilfe-ukrainische-fluechtlinge/hilfe-fuer-ukrainer). They also provide additional information on medical care. The Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (Kassenärztliche Vereinigung), in which all physicians who treat patients covered by statutory health insurance are organized, also provides information on searching for physicians. (https://www.arztsuche-bw.de/) If you have been referred to a specialist by… Read More

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At night to the pharmacy emergency service

Most pharmacies are open between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Some are open a little longer, others close earlier. However, anyone who urgently needs medication outside these hours can contact the pharmacy emergency service around the clock. However, between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. and all day on Sundays and public holidays, an emergency service fee of 2.50 euros is usually charged. This is only waived if the doctor marks the prescription with “noctu”. Then the health insurance takes over the costs. The pharmacy portal Aponet informs about it. The next pharmacy ready for service can be… Read More

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Maternity protection in Germany

Since 2018, Germany has had a modernised Maternity Protection Act, which aims to guarantee pregnant and breastfeeding women the best possible health protection. Activities at work such as night shifts or piecework that can harm the mother or the child are prohibited. Employers are not allowed to employ women six weeks before and eight weeks after the birth. In the case of premature births, twins and disabled children, the period of protection after birth is twelve weeks. Maternity benefits are paid during these periods. For more info: https://www.bundesregierung.de/breg-de/suche/faq-arbeit-und-familie-1779598 If the woman is not allowed to work at all during pregnancy… Read More

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Cancellation fees for uncancelled doctor’s appointments

The health system in Germany suffers from a severe shortage of staff. Therefore, it can take a long time to get an appointment. But what if patients can’t come to that appointment? Do they then have to pay a cancellation fee? The consumer advice centre recommends that patients cancel their appointment as early as possible: “Give medical practices the opportunity to reschedule appointments and give other patients the chance to get a doctor’s appointment faster. You can also use this opportunity to make a new appointment at the same time.” For fixed appointments, such as with a specialist practice, psychotherapy… Read More

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The most important numbers for emergencies

In Germany, there are various emergency numbers that always work everywhere—regardless of which city or town you happen to be in. A very detailed overview can be found on the website of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of the Interior. https://im.baden-wuerttemberg.de/de/sicherheit/wichtige-rufnummern-fuer-den-notfall/ 112: With this number—without prefix—you can reach the rescue service and the fire department in case of medical emergencies, accidents or fires. 112 is also the emergency number in other European countries. 110: In an emergency, you can reach the police under this number. It is valid regardless of whether you call from a cell phone or a landline. However, it… Read More

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