Doctor prescription: colors and validity

A lot of medication is available in pharmacies, drug stores, or online stores without a prescription. However, some are by prescription-only and are only sold or handed out when showing a prescription. But why do these prescriptions have different colors? And for how long are they valid? tünews INTERATIONAL followed up on these questions. Pink prescription: This means that the health insurance pays for the medication. Normally, the patient pays between 5 to 10 Euros per product. The pink prescription is valid for one month. After that, the patient has to fully pay for the prescribed medication themselves. This prescription… Read More

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Get thoroughly informed about the IGeL services

Repeatedly, doctors offer their patients individual health services (IGeL). IGel stands for “Individuelle Gesundheitsleistungen”. The statutory health insurances do not pay for these, the patients must do that themselves. However, just because something can be done, does not mean it is the rational thing to do. A report from the Medical Service of the Central Association of Health Insurance Funds (MDS) shows this. MDS stands for “Medizinischen Dienst des Spitzenverbandes”. Ophthalmologists often offer to measure the intraocular pressure to detect glaucoma (also called ‘green star’ in German). Gynecologists like to recommend an ultrasound of the ovaries for cancer detection. “In… Read More

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Ventilate, ventilate, ventilate…

Correct ventilation reduces the risk of being infected by the coronavirus. This is clear through the recommendations of the Federal Environmental Agency for schools and all inside spaces. Aerosols are tiny solid and liquid particles suspended in the air. They are a common path of transmission for the coronavirus. Aerosols spread faster in closed off interiors. Consequently, the Federal Environmental Agency recommends to get as much fresh air into inside spaces as possible – additionally to keeping the minimum required distance and wearing a protection over mouth and nose. For fresh air, a cross ventilation is ideal. A draft through… Read More

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Corona is still here

By Birgit Walter-Frank In the last few weeks, we were able to take a deep breath in the health department of the Tübingen administrative district office. However, the number of infections is increasing again. Travelers in particular can bring the virus back with them. It is and will remain important that we all adhere to distance and hygiene rules. Regardless of whether one wants to speak of a beginning “second wave” or not: the virus is here. In the health department, the focus of our work is “contact person management”, which means that we determine the contacts of people who… Read More

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Donate life after death

In Germany, around 9.400 patients are waiting for an organ or tissue. A donated organ can make the difference between life and death for them. Anyone who would like to donate their organs (for example heart, lungs, kidneys) or tissue (skin, heart valves, cartilage) after their death should obtain an organ donor ID. The ID should always be carried with you. It contains personal data and the consent to organ donation after death. People aged 16 and over can donate their organs. If you change your mind and no longer wish to donate, simply throw away the donor card. They… Read More

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Covid-19 test station reopened

Many travelers bring back unwanted souvenirs from their vacation: The Corona Virus. Consequently, the test station at the Tübinger Festplatz has been opened again, as the administrative district office of Tübingen informs. There, travelers who return from their stay abroad, can get tested for free. Before going to the test station, regardless if one is showing symptoms or not, one should call their general practitioner. If they send the returners to the test station, it is important to bring one’s health insurance card. The test station is open Monday through Saturday, between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. In the morning,… Read More

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Mandatory Covid-19 test for people returning from risk areas

There is a high risk of infection with the coronavirus in many countries. To stop the spreading of the virus, the German Federal Minister of Health, Jens Spahn, has ordered a mandatory test for all people returning from high risk areas. Everyone returning from their vacation who does not have a negative test result from shortly before departure, can get tested free of charge for three days after their return. In Baden-Württemberg, it is possible to get tested in the test centre located at the three airports Stuttgart, Friedrichshafen and Baden-Airpark, or at Stuttgart Central Station. If one prefers to… Read More

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Children feel very stressed by Corona

The quality of life of children and adolescents in Germany deteriorated during the Corona crisis. This is shown by the COPSY study (Corona and Psyche) by the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE). Nationwide, children and parents were surveyed on this topic for the first time. The pandemic has “reduced the quality of life and mental wellbeing of children and adolescents and increased the risk of mental health problems. Most children and adolescents feel stressed, are increasingly worried, pay less attention to their health and complain more often about family disputes. In every second child, the relationship with their friends suffered… Read More

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In crisis, people smoke and drink more

The corona crisis and lockdown appear to be causing people to indulge more in their vices. Data from the Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung showed that sales of alcoholic beverages increased by around six percent in the first weeks of the lockdown. But that could also be due to bulk purchases. That is why the Central Institute for Mental Health (ZI) in Mannheim and the Nuremberg Clinic conducted an online study in which 3,200 people were interviewed. 37 percent of respondents said they drank more than before during the lockdown. The situation is similar for smokers too: over 40 percent smoked more… Read More

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Corona seems to spare small children

Children are less likely to become infected with the coronavirus compared to their parents. These are the first results of a study from Baden-Württemberg. The researchers from four universities examined almost 2500 children under the age of ten and a mother or father without symptoms for the virus and for antibodies. Scientists, Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann and Minister of Culture Susanne Eisenmann have now presented the evaluation of the study. The result ensures that healthy children can go to daycare centers and elementary schools starting Monday, June 29th. There is no compulsory schooling until the summer holidays. Parents can informally… Read More

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Corona: Fines still in place

Starting July 1st, 2020, new regulations to combat the corona pandemic will apply in Baden-Württemberg. Anyone who violates the provisions of the Corona Ordinance is committing an administrative offense. Fined will be anyone who does not keep the minimum distance of 1.5 meters from other people, does not wear a mouth-to-nose cover if this is prescribed, takes part in a gathering of more than twenty people or holds unauthorized meetings. Anyone who violates the prohibition of entry or participation with symptoms of an infectious disease must also face a fine. The fines can be up to € 2,500, in some… Read More

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Masks make sense in the age of Corona

Many people are reluctant to wear masks against the Coronavirus, but the obligation to cover the mouth and nose in public transport and in shops is evident. A study by four universities backs this claim. The scientists examined developments in Jena and similar cities. Jena had already introduced the mask requirement on April 6th, other cities did not follow until two or three weeks later. The study found that the mask requirement has contributed to slow the spread of Covid-19, according to the summary by Klaus Wäldle (University of Mainz). The World Health Organization (WHO) has also changed its stance… Read More

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Evidence of vaccination against measles

According to the Measles Protection Act, people who live as asylum seekers or late repatriates in shared accommodation must provide evidence of protection against measles. More precisely, affected are those people who were born after December 31st, 1970 and who have been living in the accommodation for 4 weeks. Two vaccinations must be presented. A proof of Vaccination is sufficient for children under 2 years of age and infants under one year of age do not need to provide evidence of vaccination. Proof of a measles vaccination must be submitted to the district office no later than 4 weeks after… Read More

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Curevac receives 300 million Euro for vaccination research

The German national bank KfW has invested 300 million Euro in the Tübingen enterprise Curevac, as told by the federal economics minister Peter Altmaier on Monday. The biotech-company is conducting research for a vaccination against the Corona virus in the Technologiepark Tübingen. Curevac wants to teach the human body how to produce its own vaccine. The enterprise wants to imitate a natural virus infection and, thus, activate the body’s own defence mechanisms. Press spokesman Thorsten Schüller explained the method to tünews INTERNATIONAL at the beginning of April. Meanwhile, Curevac has been allowed to test its vaccine in a clinical study… Read More

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Official Corona warning app available

The smartphone can now help to better control the spread of the corona virus. This is the idea behind ​​the new free Corona warning app. It is used to inform voluntary users if they have had contact with an infected person. The app sends and receives Bluetooth signals with anonymized identification numbers. Anyone who has tested positive for the Corona virus can enter this in the app. Then a warning message will be sent to those who have been in close vicinity to the infected person. Privacy advocates have no concerns. Security experts advise, however, to only search for the… Read More

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Obesity amongst children in Baden-Württemberg

Children in Baden-Württemberg are getting overweight. This is shown in a recent study by the Children’s Gymnastics Foundation, for which 23,000 children have been tested over the last seven years. “Of the three- to ten-year-old children tested, 12.6 per cent of the children are above normal weight, 5.2 per cent are obese” said the author of the study, Prof. Klaus Bös from the University of Karlsruhe (KIT). The number of children who are overweight doubles from kindergarten to primary school age. The pediatrician and adolescent physician Thomas Kauth from Ludwigsburg has warned against severe negative effects on the health of… Read More

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Occupational health and safety against corona infections

The Federal Government published general standards for protection against corona infections at worki on April 20th. The government points out that a minimum distance of 1.5 meters must also be observed in companies – in buildings, outdoors and in vehicles. Operations should be organized in such a way that employees have as little direct contact as possible. Shift work should be adjusted accordingly. Nobody should come to work sick. Anyone who has a fever, runny nose, cough or breathing problems while at work should go home. In the event of unavoidable direct contacts, there must be additional protection, preferably with… Read More

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Corona and consequences – information in multiple languages

The Federal Government Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration is providing useful information on the coronavirus in 20 languages. A homepage is offering information on the virus and related protective measures. The latest decisions of the Federal Government including its states, speeches by the Federal Chancellor and many news reports on individual aspects can be accessed. For example, information from other federal ministries and federal institutions on work, travel or protection against violence is also available. tun051503 Impressionen zum Leben in Zeiten der Corona-Pandemie: Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL; Mostafa Elyasian, 19.04.2020 Latest information on Corona: Click here  2,433 total views,  2 views… Read More

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Asking for help, when everything seems pointless

By Oula Mahfouz and Feras Trayfi   Depression is not a sign of weakness, but a sign for the effort of remaining strong for a long time. (Sigmund Freud)   Do you feel a constant sadness that you cannot rid yourself of? Are your tears your permanent companion? Has everything that you once loved and everything that brought happiness into your life has lost its charm? Do you sleep too much or cannot sleep at all, despite wanting to? Do you no longer have the energy or desire to meet someone and have a conversation? Is eating the very last… Read More

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Two Countries, Two Responses

Will Thomas lived in Germany as an exchange student from May 2019 to April 2020 and has been helping out at tünews International since October 2019. In his article, he compares the governmental responses to the Corona pandemic of Germany and the USA based on his own personal experiences and shares his perception of the current Corona crisis.   by Will Thomas How does a country react to a crisis? The answer depends on the country. Until the end of March, I was completing an exchange year in Tübingen, consisting of a semester at the university and an internship. Unfortunately,… Read More

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Correct use of disposable gloves

The following should be observed when wearing disposable gloves: first wash your hands thoroughly or disinfect them with a sanitizer. Pay attention to the gaps between your fingers and your nails. Then put on the gloves carefully without causing any tears. While taking off the gloves, it is important to only hold them from the inner lower end, not at the fingertips, and then remove them. Disinfect hands again or wash thoroughly. Used gloves belong in the residual waste. When outside, they should be thrown in a public trash bin and not on the street. Remember to still wash your… Read More

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Primary admission facilities allowed to issue quarantine

The primary admission facilities of the state of Baden-Württemberg can now issue quarantine orders for 14 days. This was decided by the state government of Baden-Württemberg in its Fourth Amendment of the Corona Ordinance from 9th April. tun041002 Impressionen zum Leben in Zeiten der Corona-Pandemie: Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL; Mostafa Elyasian, 06.04.2020 Latest information on Corona: Click here  762 total views

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Basic information about Corona in 15 languages

The Ethno-Medical Center e.V. (EMZ) offers information and practical advice about the Corona virus in 15 languages on the website These include Kurdish, Pashtu, Russian and Turkish. The information is also available as a PDF for download and printing. The Ethno-Medical Center (EMZ) was founded in Hanover in 1989 with the aim of improving the health care of migrants. It builds a “bridge between cultures” by mediating between people of different cultures (and languages) and their different ideas of body, health and illness. tun032608 Impressionen von der neuen Fieberamblanz des Landkreises Tübingen. Achtung: Termine nur über den Hausarzt! Foto:… Read More

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Coronavirus: protecting mental health?

From Sajia Yarmal These days you are facing hundreds of different news about Coronavirus in the world, but how it will affect your mental health? The uncertainty and feeling of lack of control are what underpins most people’s anxiety. Now, more than ever, we need to keep our mental health in as good condition as possible. Recently the World Health Organization released advice on protecting mental health during the coronavirus outbreak. Here are some steps to reduce the chance of Coronavirus-19 having a detrimental effect on your mental: Limit the news and be careful what you read: Take breaks from… Read More

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