Special vaccination campaign for children

The University Hospital of Tübingen and the district of Tübingen are offering a vaccination against Corona for children. During the special campaign, only five to eleven-year-olds will be vaccinated on the weekend of December 17th to 19th. The Standing Commission on Vaccination (Stiko) recommends vaccination mainly for children with diseases such as diabetes and obesity, and also if they have relatives who could be at risk of a severe case of Corona. At the special request of parents, 5 to 11-year-olds without pre-existing conditions can also be vaccinated. The first children’s vaccination campaign in the district is at the health… Read More

Vaccination campaign of the Asylum Centre Tübingen

The Asylum Centre Tübingen is organising a vaccination campaign together with the Department of Assistance for Refugees of the City of Tübingen on the initiative of Dr Mickeler. Anyone who would like to be vaccinated can come to Europastraße 37, room 25, on Wednesday, 1 September between 4 and 6 pm. The vaccinations will be carried out with Biontech. Those who would like to be vaccinated should bring their vaccination card with them. There will be language mediators and interpreters for the languages Dari, Farsi and Arabic, among others. Further information and invitation videos in German, Dari and Sorani at:… Read More

Vaccination without appointment in the District of Tübingen

The vaccination bus from the Tübingen vaccination center is currently driving to many places within the District of Tübingen. Doctors in mobile teams from the German Red Cross (DRK) vaccinate on-site without an appointment. Those who want to get vaccinated only have to bring an identity document. First as well as second vaccinations are possible. Available vaccines are Biontech/Pfizer and Janssen (“Johnson&Johnson”), from which you can choose. From now until 5th September, stops in Starzach, Hirrlingen, Rottenburg-Dettingen, Bodelshausen, Mössingen-Öschingen, Kusterdingen and Tübingen-Hirschau are planned. You can find the current destinations and times of the vaccination bus online under https://www.tuebingen-impfzentrum.de/ tun21082601… Read More

All vaccines available / wait between appointments can be shortened

The Tübingen vaccination center is expanding its range of services. First vaccinations of Biontech, Moderna and Astrazeneca are available now. A vaccination with the Janssen vaccine (Johnson and Johnson) can also be booked, which only needs to be injected once. It is recommended for people aged 60 and over. Initial appointments for a vaccination can be booked at www.tuebingen-impfzentrum.de and the vaccine can be selected by the individual. The date for the second vaccination can be set directly at the vaccination center in the Paul-Horn-Arena on the Tübingen festival site. There are also new regulations for the second vaccination. Those… Read More

Spontaneously go to Tübingen for vaccinations

It is easy to get vaccinated in Tübingen. From Monday, July 19, there is no need to make an appointment. Every day between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m., those willing to be vaccinated can go to the vaccination center in the Paul-Horn-Arena at the fairground. It is sufficient to bring an ID card or passport and—if available—a vaccination certificate. The offer is valid for the first and second vaccination. The vaccine can be determined by yourself after the informative discussion. There are vaccines from Biontech, Moderna, Astrazeneca and Janssen (Johnson & Johnson). At Janssen, only one vaccination is necessary. Appointments… Read More

Alle Impfstoffe vorhanden / Zeit zwischen den Terminen kann verkürzt werden

Das Tübinger Impfzentrum erweitert sein Angebot. Dort gibt es jetzt Erstimpfungen mit den Impfstoffen Biontech, Moderna und Astrazeneca. Außerdem kann dort auch eine Impfung mit dem Impfstoff Janssen (Johnson und Johnson) gebucht werden. Er muss nur einmal gespritzt werden. Empfohlen ist er für Menschen ab 60 Jahren. Ersttermine für eine Impfung können unter: www.tuebingen-impfzentrum.de gebucht und der Impfstoff ausgewählt werden. Der Termin für die Zweitimpfung kann direkt im Impfzentrum in der Paul-Horn-Arena am Tübinger Festplatz festgelegt werden. Auch für die Zweitimpfung gibt es neue Regelungen. Wer zunächst den Impfstoff von Astrazeneca bekommen hat, kann sich beim zweiten Mal mit Biontech… Read More

Tübingen vaccination center open again

After the heavy thunderstorm at the end of June, the Tübingen vaccination center in the Paul-Horn-Arena closed. Starting Monday, July 12th, vaccinations will again be given in the gym at the festival place. This was announced by the vaccination center on its website. There are new recommendations on the intervals between the first and the second vaccination. They can be shortened. An earlier appointment for the second vaccination with the vaccines Biontech, Moderna and Astrazeneca can be booked over a link on their website. The link for the first vaccination can also be found there. Dr Martin Hollerried from the… Read More

Tübinger Impfzentrum öffnet wieder

Nach dem heftigen Gewitter Ende Juni war das Tübinger Impfzentrum in der Paul-Horn-Arena geschlossen. Am Montag, 12. Juli, wird in der Sporthalle beim Festplatz wieder geimpft. Das teilt das Impfzentrum auf seiner Homepage mit. Für die Abstände zwischen der ersten und der zweiten Impfung gibt es neue Empfehlungen. Sie können verkürzt werden. Ein früherer Termin für die Zweitimpfung mit den Impfstoffen von Biontech, Moderna und Astrazeneca kann über einen Link auf der Homepage gebucht werden. Dort findet sich auch der Link zu Terminen für die erste Impfung. Dr. Martin Hollerried vom Impfzentrum wirbt dafür, sich vollständig – also zwei Mal… Read More

New vaccination appointments against Covid as of now

Vaccine against Covid is currently available again in Tübingen. The vaccines of the companies Johnson & Johnson and Biontech are vaccinated in the Alte Archäologie, Wilhelmstraße 9 in Tübingen. Appointments are still available for Janssen vaccinations up to and including Friday, 2 July 2021. For Biontech, appointments can be offered between Thursday, 1 July and Sunday, 4 July 2021. With the Janssen vaccine (Johnson & Johnson), only one vaccination appointment is needed. With Biontech, a second vaccination appointment is necessary. It will take place exactly six weeks later, on the same day and at the same time, at the Tübingen… Read More

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