Mask requirement ends with exceptions

Corona is not over. But in Baden-Württemberg, from Sunday, April 3, there will no longer be a mask requirement and 3G rules in most places. This was agreed by the state government on Tuesday. This means that masks will no longer have to be worn indoors in most cases. In addition, there are no more access restrictions. Even those who have not been vaccinated or tested can, for example, go into restaurants again. But there are still exceptions: Masks must still be worn on public transport, in clinics or doctors’ offices. The mask requirement also continues to apply, among other… Read More

Shorter quarantine and FFP2 mask obligation

Baden-Württemberg is changing its Corona rules again. They will apply from Wednesday, 12 January, the state said in a press release. The reason is the very contagious Omikron variant of the virus. What is new is that adults aged 18 and over must wear an FFP2 mask in enclosed spaces such as shops and restaurants. This does not apply in private areas, on public transport, at the workplace and to people who cannot wear a mask for medical reasons. The last group, however, needs a doctor’s certificate. In gastronomy, a curfew now applies from 10.30 pm to 6 am. The… Read More

Starting January 10th, more tests in schools

During the Christmas vacations, more students may have contracted the highly contagious Omicron virus – on vacation or at family gatherings. That’s why there will be more Corona tests in Baden-Württemberg after schools reopen on January 10th. Students are to take a quick test every day during the first week of school, starting Monday. This is stated in a letter from the Ministry of Education. Exceptions will be made for all students and teachers who have already received a booster vaccination. They do not have to get tested. Also, people who have recovered and have been vaccinated at least once… Read More

Ab 10. Januar mehr Tests in den Schulen

In den Weihnachtsferien können sich mehr SchülerInnen mit dem sehr ansteckenden Omikron-Virus infiziert haben – zum Beispiel im Urlaub oder bei Familienfeiern. Deshalb gibt es in Baden-Württemberg nach dem Schulbeginn am 10. Januar mehr Corona-Tests. Die SchülerInnen sollen in der ersten Schulwoche ab Montag täglich einen Schnelltest machen. Das steht in einem Brief des Kultusministeriums. Ausnahmen gelten für alle SchülerInnen und LehrerInnen, die schon eine Auffrischungsimpfung (Booster) bekommen haben. Sie müssen sich nicht testen lassen. Auch Genesene, die mindestens einmal geimpft sind, brauchen keine Tests. Ab der zweiten Woche nach den Ferien bis zu den Faschingsferien Ende Februar sollen SchülerInnen… Read More

Kein Alkohol an Silvester in der Tübinger Altstadt

Im Freien darf am Jahreswechsel in der Tübinger Altstadt kein Alkohol getrunken werden. Diese Regelung gilt von Freitag, 31. Dezember, 6 Uhr, bis Samstag, 1. Januar, 6 Uhr. Das teilt die Stadt mit. So soll verhindert werden, dass sich das Corona-Virus weiter ausbreitet. Gaststätten dürfen Alkohol nicht in To-go-Bechern verkaufen. Außerdem dürfen in dieser Zeit auf dem Marktplatz und auf dem Holzmarkt keine mitgebrachten alkoholischen Getränke konsumiert werden. Alkohol darf nur im Innern von Gaststätten und in deren Außenbereichen getrunken werden. Siehe tun21122802 Der Holzmarkt in der Tübinger Innenstadt nach nächtlichen Feiern und Krawallen. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Mohammad… Read More

Booster vaccination after three months

The Standing Commission on Vaccination (Stiko) has changed its recommendation on booster vaccination. The booster vaccination for people aged 18 and over can be given from the completed third month after the complete basic immunisation. Older people or those with pre-existing conditions should be given priority for booster vaccinations. They have a greater risk of becoming severely ill with Corona. Those who have been proven to have been infected with Corona should wait at least three months after infection to receive a single vaccination dose. This was announced by the Stiko. The reason for this recommendation is, among other things,… Read More

Schülerausweis in den Ferien kein Testnachweis

In den Weihnachtsferien reicht der Schülerausweis ab Donnerstag, 23. Dezember, in Bus und Bahn nicht mehr. Der Grund ist die ansteckende Omikron-Variante des Corona-Virus. Das heißt: Ungeimpfte oder nicht genesene SchülerInnen zwischen 6 und 17 Jahren brauchen im ÖPNV einen aktuellen negativen Schnelltest. Einen Schnelltest benötigen sie ab Montag, 27. Dezember, auch für Besuche in Kinos oder Restaurants. Das teilte das Kultusministerium mit. Die Regel für Minderjährige gilt bis Montag, 10. Januar. Nach den Ferien werden 6- bis 17-jährige SchülerInnen dann wieder regelmäßig in der Schule getestet. Volljährige SchülerInnen müssen schon jetzt einen Testnachweis mitbringen. Siehe,Lde/startseite/service/2021-12-21-schuelerausweis-als-testnachweis-in-den-weihnachtsferien tun21122201 Tübinger Schule.… Read More

Baden-Württemberg limits contacts in private meetings

The state government in Baden-Württemberg is tightening the Corona rules once again before Christmas. They will apply from Monday, December 20th. In the current alert level II, contacts will be further restricted: If a person who has not been vaccinated or has not recovered attends a private meeting, a household may now only meet with one person from another household. Children and youth under 18 are not counted. Contact restrictions also apply to vaccinated and recovered persons. A maximum of 50 people are allowed to meet indoors, and a maximum of 200 people are allowed to meet outdoors. Again, children… Read More

State relaxes testing obligation for 2G-plus

The new Corona regulation has barely come into force in Baden-Württemberg, and it has already been revised. The state government is relaxing the testing requirement for vaccinated and recovered persons. In many areas, it would have been required for people belonging to these groups to additionally present a negative Corona test. The 2G-plus rule applies, for example, in gastronomy, swimming pools and gyms. On Sunday, December 5th, the state government “clarified” its 2G-plus rule, according to a press release. People with a booster vaccination, but now also fully vaccinated people, do not need to take a test if the last… Read More

Test stations in downtown Tübingen extend their opening hours

From Saturday, December 4th, the Corona test stations in downtown Tübingen will extend their opening hours. This was stated in a press release from the city of Tübingen. This is the city administration’s response to the expected increased demand for rapid testing services at weekends and after work. Because according to the new Corona rules, vaccinated and recovered people also need a negative Corona test (2G plus), for example in the gastronomy or in cultural and leisure facilities. The new opening hours are: Test station Marketplace in front of the town hall (Marktplatz): Monday to Saturday 8:30 a.m. to 6… Read More

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