Bewilderment concerning the situation of the people in Afghanistan

What should we at tünews INTERNATIONAL write about the change of power in Afghanistan? We discussed this for hours in our editorial meeting. We heard about the bafflement of our colleagues whose family members have died in the almost five-decade-long war. Suddenly everything in vain? Of relatives who had previously worked as teachers or in administration. We wondered what future awaits them now? With Iran’s interest in water resources and China’s in mineral resources, and Russia’s concern about terrorist attacks in neighboring countries like Tajikistan. Of warlords who want to regain power. Which money is used to establish which order? Some refugees think they were right to leave Afghanistan. But they now live in constant fear for those who stayed behind and their relatives still in Afghanistan. For those who have built up their livelihoods and started families there. There is a lot of sympathy, a lot of pity. New information every minute, often contradictory and difficult to categorize. This feeling of hopelessness is currently dominating all the media: focal point programs that only express bewilderment. This is what we at tünews INTERNATIONAL are doing as well. As soon as the situation is clearer, more voices and experiences from authentic sources will follow.


Nach fast 20 Jahren Einsatz zieht die Bundeswehr ihre Truppen aus Afghanistan ab. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Mostafa Elyasian.

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