Registering a newborn child at the registry office

On average, between eight and twelve children are born in Tübingen every day. After the birth, it is important to register the newborn child at the registry office. To make the process easier for parents, they can hand in the necessary documents directly at the University Women’s Hospital (registry office of the building management). The registration office forwards them to the registry office. At the registration office, parents also give their child’s first name.

Parents must submit the original documents. The documents must contain the current names. Copies and faxes are not documents. Copies of documents certified by other agencies (for example, police, registration office, schools, etc.) are also not accepted.

If the parents are married to each other, the certificates must contain the current name. These documents are either the marriage certificate and birth certificate of both parents or

– a certified printout/transcript from the marriage register with references or the continued family register (available from the marriage registry office). In this case, the parents do not have to present the birth certificate or

– the family record book with the documents listed above.

Foreign nationals must additionally present the parents’ passports and, if the marriage was contracted abroad, an international (multilingual) marriage certificate or marriage certificate in the original and the certified translation into German. All foreign documents must be translated into German by a translator who is licensed and sworn in Germany. The registry office will inform the parents whether they still need an over-certification for the foreign documents.

Once the birth has been certified, the parents receive three birth certificates free of charge. With these, they can apply for maternity assistance, child benefit and parental allowance. Each additional certificate costs 12 euros.

All important information – also for unmarried parents – can be found on the website of the Tübingen registry office at If you need to submit additional documents to the registry office or want to come in person, you must make an appointment in advance. You can make an appointment by calling 07071/2041534.


Eine Kinderwiege. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Qoutayba Abboud.

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