Vacation Programs for Children and Teenagers

This summer, children and adults in Tübingen, Mössingen, and Rottenburg will once again find many opportunities to romp in, enjoy handicrafts and develop creativity during the school vacations. For the KreisBonusCard holders, many offers cost less money and sometimes they are available free of charge. All programs also can be found on the Internet. Other regions, such as Kusterdingen and Gomaringen, are also preparing vacation programs.
The city of Tübingen alone affords 247 programs on its list. These programs include courses such as gliding and aerial acrobatics for different age groups, and for girls, there would be painting or a band workshop. You can access the programs online, or you can find brochures at city halls, the public library and its branches, and VR-Bank branches. The programs are aimed at children over 6 years old, and for the first time, there are special programs for young people over the age of 14. Those who want to participate must be one of Tübingen residents or have parents who work in the city. The registration period has already opened and runs until July 6th. A new drawing course has been added to the program list and begins on the 6th also. Children who have a KreisBonusCard can participate in the events free of charge by sending in the “KreisBonusCard Junior” or “KreisBonusCard extra” as a scanned copy or photo by e-mail to after registration.
Mössingen, together with Ofterdingen and Bodelshausen, also offer a broad activity selection with about 235 events. Among other activity selections, you can find such options as inline skating, night hiking opportunities, and self-defense classes for girls. It should be noted that there are also a special discounts for those who have a KreisBonusCard. They can participate in up to two programs free of charge, and the registration fees have been reduced to 1.50 euros. Registration is possible until June 30. Many offers have already been fully booked, but there are still waiting lists.
Rottenburg and its suburbs are also organizing together a program for children and young people. For example, from August 15 to 19 there will be a children’s camp at the TVR club with opportunities for romping, climbing and bungee jumping. Registration is open from June 21. There are also discounts for of KreisBonusCard holders in Rottenburg.
In Dußlingen, 38 courses offerings ensure that the summer vacations are not boring. There are, for example, courses for Pottery, Brazilian martial arts Capoeira, and an herb hike. The places will be raffled on June 30.
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Bootsvermietung am Neckar. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL/Mostafa Elyasian


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