Wearing Masks in Public Transport and Clinics until 25 July

There has been a significant increase in Corona infections this summer as compared to last year. Therefore, the local government has extended the regulations to control the spread of the virus until 25 July. In the meantime, masks should continue to be worn on public transportation and in doctors’ surgeries. The Health Minister, Manfred Lucha, states: “The Corona pandemic is not over yet.” Therefore, Lucha asks all people in Baden-Württemberg to act responsibly and follow the quarantine rules. Those who test positive for the Coronavirus must immediately continue to apply self-isolation rules. The isolation ends after five days at the earliest, but only if those affected have had no symptoms, such as cough or fever for at least 48 hours. Otherwise, as before, isolation ends no later than ten days after the first detection of the virus.
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Masken in der Schule. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Martin Klaus.


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