Tips on saving energy and help with impending power cuts

The cost of energy is rising massively. Hot water, heating and electricity are becoming much more expensive. What can customers of energy suppliers do? Tips are given in a brochure published by the Baden-Württemberg Consumer Advice Centre for the district of Tübingen. In it, experts describe how to heat and ventilate properly and how to save money on washing, cooking, cooling, hot water consumption and electricity. The experts also provide information on what can be done if an electricity cut-off is imminent. They describe where and how help is available if the electricity is to be cut off – for example, an energy loan from the job centre or the social welfare office. They also give addresses of counselling centres that help to settle debts.
An overview is available at
On this page, you can also download the detailed brochure of the consumer advice centre in German, English, French, Italian, Arabic, Turkish, Greek and Russian.

Reduzierter Stromverbrauch spart Geld. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Mostafa Elyasian.


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