Children no longer need a free test

Children and adolescents no longer have to take time off after contracting Corona. They only have to stay in quarantine for five days—just like adults. Then they can go back to school or kindergarten. This was announced by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Health.
From 1 October, a new Corona regulation will apply in Baden-Württemberg. Nothing will change in the previous rules, although the number of infections is clearly increasing. From 1 October to 7 April 2023, FFP2 masks must be worn in long-distance trains and doctors’ offices. In clinics and care facilities, an additional test is required. In public transport, a medical mask is sufficient. In Baden-Württemberg, masks are not compulsory in shops and restaurants for the time being. There will be no more lockdowns. Schools are also no longer to be closed.


FFP2-Masken. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Martin Klaus.





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