Energy-saving measures of the Federal Government

“We are facing a national effort and it needs a strong interaction of state, economy and society, of federal government, states, municipalities, social partners, trade unions, crafts and associations as well as civil society,” writes the Federal Government in its press release of 4 October. The adopted ordinances contain concrete measures for the coming heating period and the one after that. Some examples from the private and public sector: Tenants can voluntarily lower room temperatures, even if a higher minimum temperature is agreed in the tenancy agreement. In public buildings, corridors and rarely used rooms are no longer heated and hot water is no longer available for washing hands. In addition, the general room temperature is lowered to 19 degrees. The following are exempt: medical facilities, facilities for the disabled, care facilities, schools and day-care centres for children. The lighting of public buildings and monuments is banned. In Tübingen, this applies to the collegiate church, the castle and the town hall, among others.
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Tübingen bei Nacht. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Mostafa Elyasian.




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