Superstition: money and symbols

According to the definition of the online Duden Dictionary, superstition is “a belief in the effectiveness of supernatural forces in certain people and things that are viewed as erroneous”. These include sayings, symbols, and rituals that are used in everyday life. The content differs depending on the culture, often even the region. By the tünews INTERNATIONAL’s editors, we have compiled the following examples from Afghanistan, Syria, and Germany:
Afghanistan and Syria believe that a tickle in the left hand will bring money to the person. With the tickle of the right hand, on the other hand, one expects soon to spend money.
The cobalt-blue eye pearl, whether in rural or urban areas, is considered a widespread symbol in Syria. A lot of people believe that it repels the evil eye.
In Germany, various symbols are associated with lucky charms. Regarding everyday life, they are interpreted as a portent or oracle for the future. These symbols include the rare four-leaf clover or a chimney sweep. In the case of black cats, it doesn’t matter which side it comes from. Whenever a black cat appears from the left, it represents bad luck. When it appears from the right, it indicates something bad is going to happen.


Die blaue Perle als Glücksbringer. Foto: tünews INTERNTIONAL / Mislina Kiymaz.






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