Lost and Found: Help with lost IDs, money and bank cards

If you lose your wallet or purse, you should take action quickly to prevent a thief from using a bank card to make purchases or criminals from misusing ID cards. Initially, this applies regardless of whether the valuables have been lost or stolen. In all cases, it is advisable to report the loss to the police. Inquiring at the lost and found office can also help. The lost and found office in Tübingen can be reached by phone at 0 70 71/204 20 20 and fax at 204 22 22. The mail address is buergerdienste@tuebingen.de.
Bank card: To prevent thieves or finders from using your bank card, you should have it blocked immediately. In Germany, this can be done by dialing 116 116. From abroad, the country code must be entered before the number, this means 0049 116 116. You can also contact your bank to have cards blocked. In all cases, the IBAN must be given for the blocking. This can be found on account statements or in online banking. New credit or debit cards can be requested at a bank office. If the bank cards are later recovered, some can be unblocked.
IDs: If an ID card or driver’s license is lost, it is necessary to notify the appropriate authority and block the electronic identification function. One should also block the health insurance card. For this purpose, it is usually sufficient to call the hotline of the health insurance company. You can apply for a new ID card and a new driver’s license at the appropriate authorities—the Bürgeramt is responsible for the ID card, the Landratsamt for the driver’s license. In both cases, a biometric passport photo is required. When applying for an ID card or a driver’s license, a person must prove his or her identity with another identification document, i.e. a passport, birth certificate or marriage certificate. Issuing new documents usually costs a fee.
A call to the lost and found office will clarify whether a purse or wallet was left there. It is best to wait a few days, as turning in and registering a lost property takes some time. Finders are entitled to a finder’s reward if the value of the items is more than 10 euros. If the value of the items is up to 500 euros, the finder’s reward is five percent. For items over 500 euros, the owner must pay three percent to the finder. Different rules apply in public transport or institutions. The finder’s fee is only half as high as usual and is also only due from an amount of 50 euros.
Anyone who has left something on a city bus in Tübingen can contact the TüBus control center (Düsseldorfer Straße 8 in Tübingen) the next day. It can be reached from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 1 to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday. The telephone number is 0 70 71/1 57 48 98, and the mail address is fundsachen.tuebus@swtue.de. There are exceptions for line 18, which is operated by the Omnibus Groß company (0 74 72/9 82 00) and line 19, for which the RAB is responsible (phone 0 70 71/7 99 80).
It is best to carry purses and wallets in the inside pocket of a bag or jacket that can be closed. Placing cash, documents and bank cards in different inside pockets makes it difficult for pickpockets. In busy places, it is better to carry a bag in front of you than on your back.



Im Tübinger Bürgeramt ist auch das Fündbüro. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Martin Klaus.






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