Help for migrants in the search for housing

People who immigrate from abroad or come to Germany as refugees are confronted with the challenge of looking for and finding a new apartment in Germany. Of course, having your own apartment is part of arriving and staying. However, the search for an apartment is often associated with many difficulties. Especially in the larger cities, housing is scarce and demand is high. The Federal Ministry of Housing, Urban Development and Construction (bmwsb) offers help and advice to migrants in their search for housing. In a brochure, there are many tips on how to find your own apartment as quickly as… Read More

Wie der Russland-Ukraine-Krieg Nigeria betrifft

Von Bright Igbinovia Der Beginn des russischen Angriffskriegs auf die Ukraine am 24. Februar 2022 hat anhaltende und schwerwiegende Auswirkungen auf alle Bereiche von Nigeria, Afrikas größter Volkswirtschaft. Er hat die Preise für Erdöl, Erdgas, Aluminium, Nickel, Medikamente, Weizen und andere Rohstoffe in die Höhe getrieben und damit die wirtschaftliche Misere Nigerias verschlimmert. Der Krieg in der mehr als 8000 Kilometer entfernten Ukraine hat in Nigeria zu höheren Benzinsubventionen und einem Anstieg der Preise für Diesel, Flugbenzin, Kochgas und einige Lebensmittel geführt. Analysten zufolge hat diese Entwicklung die Lebenshaltungskosten für Millionen von NigerianerInnen in die Höhe getrieben und die Unfähigkeit… Read More

Ukrainian-German: Interpreters are missing

Currently, there are no free volunteer interpreters for Ukrainian refugees in the district of Tübingen. However, authorities and institutions can use the service of the Caritas Interpreter Pool, informs the press office of the Tübingen District Office. Private individuals, however, cannot make use of this service. However, anyone who urgently needs a translation of birth or marriage certificates, for example to register with the Tübingen Foreigners’ Office, can contact the Slavic Seminar at Tübingen University ( Based on scans and photos, documents are translated there on a voluntary basis and free of charge—but only those that are urgently needed for… Read More

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