Consulates of Ukraine: where and how they help

There are five diplomatic missions of Ukraine in Germany: the Consular Section of the Embassy in Berlin, the Consulate General of Ukraine in Hamburg, the Consulate General of Ukraine in Munich, the Consulate General of Ukraine in Düsseldorf and the Consulate General of Ukraine in Frankfurt am Main. Registration is required in all cases.
The consulates of Ukraine are responsible, for example, if Ukrainian citizens need a passport or want to register birth or marriage certificates. Refugees can also have an identity card issued there for their return to Ukraine. Documents are also notarized and Ukrainians can use the services of notaries. The consulates general in Munich or Frankfurt am Main are each 250 kilometers away from Tübingen. The complete list of consular services can be found at the following address:
Appointments can be made at the following site:
The principle for registration for admission is: one service per person per appointment. Exceptions are cases where services must be registered together with a child. Groups, whether family members, friends, or acquaintances must register each person individually. When making an appointment, the data of the person who is to receive the consular service must be provided. If the request is for children, the data of a parent or legal guardian will be given.
Anyone needing multiple consular services must have an extra appointment for each process. Example: For example, someone who needs a new passport and wants to have a document notarized by a notary public will need two separate appointments.
In addition, there is a telephone number for emergencies on the website of each consulate.
Websites of the consulates general in Frankfurt am Main and Munich:


Beflaggung vor dem Tübinger Regierungspräsidium. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Martin Klaus.






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