Former refugee BM in Ostelsheim

Ryyan Alshebl is the new mayor of the municipality of Ostelsheim in the district of Calw. Born in Syria, he trained as an administrator and was employed by the municipality of Althengstett. Of the 1359 valid votes, 55.4 percent were cast for him in the first round of voting. This is evident from the official final result, which the municipality has published on its homepage. Alshebl writes on his homepage that he fled Syria in 2015 at the age of 21, among other things to avoid having to do military service. He describes his situation: “It was the first time that I noticeably lost the protection of family and environment. It was an alienating, unprecedented feeling. Suddenly I was standing there alone! But one thing was clear, I had to take responsibility. Responsibility for myself and my environment. Since then, my actions have been dominated by this maxim: Responsibility.” From then on, “a new era” began for him. This began in the shared accommodation in Calw-Wimberg. The municipality of Althengstett offered him a dual training program to become an administrative assistant. Because he was among the top five percent of his graduating class, the state of Baden-Württemberg offered him a scholarship as part of its program to support gifted students. Alshebl volunteered at the Althengstett sports club. Even the renowned Germany-wide newspaper “Die ZEIT” reported in its online edition. Alshebl’s term of office begins on June 18, 2023.


Das Rathaus in Entringen. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Mostafa Elyasian.






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