When the bank card is gone: Have it blocked

That went well just in time: tünews editor Lobna Alhindi received a call. On the phone was an employee of the Tübingen Kreissparkasse. Lobna Alhindi became suspicious and asked the employee to introduce herself again, as she had heard of telephone fraud several times before. But then the woman told her that half an hour ago Alhindi’s EC card had been found and handed in at a police station in Tübingen. It could be picked up there. The bank employee also told her that the card had been blocked and would have to be reactivated.
If you have lost your Sparkassen-Card, the debit card of another bank or your credit card, you have to report it to your bank immediately so that the bank can block the card. This way, no one can use it to withdraw money. You can do this by phone, online banking or fax. By phone, there is the blocking emergency number 116116 for cards and online banking access. The number is valid for all banks, the call within Germany is free of charge. From abroad, you have to dial the country code for Germany—this is usually +49116116. If, in exceptional cases, 116116 cannot be reached from a foreign telephone network, the blocking emergency number can also be reached at +493040504050.
You must have the IBAN (or alternatively account number and sort code) or the card number ready for the blocking by telephone. It is therefore advisable to write down the numbers in a safe place. You can block your card yourself via the online banking access and also give the order for a replacement card to be sent.
To be on the safe side, you should also report the loss of your card to the police. This also applies if you have lost the card. According to the Federal Police, the EC or debit card can then be additionally blocked for all payments with card and signature via the “Kuno” system. “Kuno” stands for “Combating crime in non-cash payment transactions using non-police organisational structures”. The system was developed together with the German Retail Association, among others. The police report the loss of the card to the retail trade so that it can no longer be used for direct debit.
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