Block for fraud during driving license test

More and more people in Germany want to get their driving license. And: more and more novice drivers are trying to cheat on the theory test. This was reported by the TÜV in a press release. According to TÜV figures, there were more than 2711 attempts to cheat on the theory test in the first nine months of 2023—more than ever before. But not all of them were detected.
Anyone caught cheating must expect consequences: a ban of a maximum of three quarters of a year until the next test. This is governed by Section 18 of the Driving License Ordinance, as the responsible office at the Tübingen District Office explained in response to an inquiry from tünews. In a nutshell, this paragraph says Anyone who cheats on the practical or theoretical driving license test has failed the test. If someone cheats, it can take up to nine months before the test can be repeated. This sanction has been in place since spring 2022.
How do learner drivers try to cheat? In around a third of cases, they sent acquaintances to the test. In around another third, they used unauthorized aids (smartphones, headphones, cameras). Just under a third used “classic cheat sheets”, according to TÜV.
More on the topic from TÜV:


Fahrschule in Tübingen. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Mostafa Elyasian.






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