Khadijah, the first wife of the Prophet Muhammad—an extraordinary biography

By Oula Mahfouz and Abdul Baset Kannawi Non-Muslims hardly know anything about Khadijah bint Khuwaylid (born around 556; died around 619), the first wife of the Prophet Muhammad and at times his boss. Muslims and Muslim women, on the other hand, are well informed about the central female figure in Christianity: Mary, the mother of Jesus. Like Muhammad, Jesus is considered a prophet in Islam and his life and that of his mother are written about in the Koran. Maryam (Mary) is even mentioned there thirty times and there is a separate sura named after her. Studying the biography of… Read More

Decision support before the elections

Which party best suits your political convictions? Many people are asking themselves this question ahead of the European elections on 9 June. In Baden-Württemberg, 34 parties and voter associations are on the ballot paper. A Wahl-O-Mat from the Federal Agency for Civic Education can provide guidance and help with decision-making. In this Wahl-O-Mat, the parties registered for the election have answered 38 theses. An example of a thesis: “Asylum seekers should have to submit their application before crossing the EU’s external borders and wait there for the result.” How does the Wahl-O-Mat work? Those seeking guidance can agree with each… Read More

Sport und Spaß in den Pfingstferien

Manche Kinder und Jugendliche langweiligen sich in den Ferien. Für sie gibt es in Tübingen ein sportliches Programm rund um Pfingsten. Es beginnt am Samstag, 18. Mai, und geht bis Mittwoch, 29. Mai. Die Angebote sind speziell für Neun- bis 16-Jährige. Unter dem Motto „Move together“ haben die städtische Jugendarbeit und Vereine Veranstaltungen zusammengestellt – zum Beispiel Aikido, Abenteuer-Golf, Bogenschießen, Bouldern, Frisbee spielen oder Kanu fahren. Das komplette Programm findet sich unter Dort geht es auch zur Anmeldung und es ist zu sehen, ob Kurse etwas kosten oder nicht. Wer eine Kreis-Bonus-Card junior / Kreis Bonus Card extra hat,… Read More

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