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Which party best suits your political convictions? Many people are asking themselves this question ahead of the European elections on 9 June. In Baden-Württemberg, 34 parties and voter associations are on the ballot paper. A Wahl-O-Mat from the Federal Agency for Civic Education can provide guidance and help with decision-making.
In this Wahl-O-Mat, the parties registered for the election have answered 38 theses. An example of a thesis: “Asylum seekers should have to submit their application before crossing the EU’s external borders and wait there for the result.”
How does the Wahl-O-Mat work? Those seeking guidance can agree with each individual statement, click on “neutral”, disagree, skip the thesis and also specify which they consider to be particularly important. The important theses then count double. After the evaluation, individual parties or party comparisons are shown, for example, where agreement is particularly high. Individual parties can also be clicked on. This allows you to view their positions and the reasons for them.
There is also a similar service for the local elections on 9 June—but only for the city of Tübingen: the Tüb-O-Mat. It works in exactly the same way as the Wahl-O-Mat for the European elections. Tübingen students have collected topics for it. 35 theses can be compared with the positions of the nine lists running for the Tübingen municipal council. These include issues such as construction and transport, as well as the topic of free childcare in municipal facilities.
To the Wahl-O-Mat for the European elections:
To the Tüb-O-Mat for the municipal elections in Tübingen:


Wahlkampf zur Kommunal- und Europawahl 2024. Foto: tuenews INTERNATIONAL / Mostafa Elyasian






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