Carrots and field lettuce preferably with soil 

When customers currently say to Mohammad that the carrots or the field lattice are dirty, he gets annoyed. Right now, the apprentice in retail trade mainly sells these two fresh products from the region. Patiently, he then explains to the customers: “The carrots aren’t dirty, they are carrots with soil on them.” He then points out to them that carrots with soil are fresher and taste better than the pre-washed vegetables. He also knows the Swabians amongst his customers. Some of them fear that they have to pay for soil when the vegetables are being weighed at the checkout. This is especially common for the field salad or the lamb’s lettuce, the other seasonal product. First, customers ask: Is this regional? Then they ask: Is this open land? Then they see the soil on the salad and take the clean product from the greenhouse after all. At the moment, the field salad comes from the greenhouse anyway, says Mohammad. He especially recommends it to the Swabians: little extra cost for dirt. 


Impressionen zum Leben in Zeiten der Corona-Pandemie: Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL; Wolfgang Sannwald

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