“My mind was always thinking negatively,” Hasan’s experience of corona

By Mohammad Nazir Momand

Hasan Jafari, a 29-year-old Afghan, talked to Mohammad Nazir Momand, a member of tünews INTERNATIONAL, about his infection with Covid-19. He was infected during the beginning of the pandemic in Germany. He is a trained geriatric nurse and works in a care home. He arrived in Germany four years ago.

Hasan was infected by a colleague who came back from vacation and who did not know that he was infected. This happened even though the care home was following hygiene concepts. Hasan remembers very well that he first showed symptoms on March 23rd, 2020. “I had a fever, back pains, a dry cough and was very tired. I was at work and felt very unwell. Then the thought occurred if I could be infected with corona. My boss sent me home immediately,” he describes. A test in Tübingen confirmed his suspicion and he had to go into quarantine.

Was he afraid? “Of course, I was afraid for my life, I’m still so young, I didn’t want to die. Furthermore, I was scared that I infected other people during the time I did not now I was infected yet.” Answering the question about how he handled quarantine, he responded, “At first, I was thinking positive. I expected that I would feel well again soon. I am very fit and eat healthy. To ease the boredom, I spent a lot of time researching things on the internet, but I only remembered the positive articles.” His Afghan friend, German acquaintances and his social worker supported him a lot. Even though Hasan is not very religious, he prayed more and felt that he was doing better then. At the same time, Hasan reports, “My mind was always thinking negatively, even though I wanted to think positive thoughts. Sometimes, when I heard about deaths, I imagined that I could have died.”

Finally, after two tests came back negatively, he was able to return to work after coordinating with his boss. He was very glad about that.


Impressionen zum Leben in Zeiten der Corona-Pandemie: Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL; Mostafa Elyasian.

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