Risk of infection especially indoors

Where do people get infected with the corona virus? Researchers from Berlin wanted to find out. Their result: people become infected above all in their own households, through visiting, at work as well as in daycare centres and schools – i.e. whenever they are indoors with others for a long time without a mask. This is also the conclusion reached by experts in aerosols. These are tiny droplets. People emit aerosols, for example, when breathing, speaking or sneezing. Indoors, the corona virus can float in droplets through the air for minutes. The aerosol researchers also say: There is a risk of being infected with the corona virus, especially in closed rooms. They wrote that in a letter published on the Internet to federal and state politicians. The experts advise meeting inside with only few people from another household. Meetings should be short. It should be ventilated often and thoroughly. People should wear effective masks when spending long periods of time with others in apartments or other enclosed spaces.


Das Tragen von FFP2-Masken schützt sowohl den oder die Trägerin als auch andere Menschen vor Ansteckung in Innenräumen. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Kerstin Markl.

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