Fictitious certificate – who needs it and how to get it

Anyone who applies for a residence permit or settlement permit in Germany receives a temporary residence title, the fictitious certificate, from the Foreigners’ Registration Office. This is valid until the authority has made a decision on the application. The fictitious certificate is an official document to prove the provisional right of residence. It gives the person immediate entitlement to all benefits linked to a residence title, such as social benefits or the opening of a basic checking account. It also allows the person to leave and re-enter Germany.
A fictitious certificate is currently also often required by refugees whose residence has already been approved and whose residence documents are being printed at the Federal Printing Office. Due to overload at the Federal Printing Office, there are sometimes longer waiting times. The fictitious certificate is then required, for example, for presentation to the Job Center in order to continue to receive benefits.
The fictitious certificate can be obtained from the responsible foreigners authority:
For the district of Tübingen: at the Foreigners Authority in the District Office. There you can make an appointment with the person in charge by phone or better by e-mail.
For the city of Tübingen: at the Foreigners’ Office of the city of Tübingen. There you can make an appointment online at: Terminvereinbarung (
For the city of Rottenburg: at the Foreigners’ Office of the city of Rottenburg. There you can also book the appointment online at: Terminvereinbarung (
Refugees from Ukraine receive the fiction certificate from the Foreigners’ Office by e-mail after they have applied for a residence permit. Further information for the district of Tübingen is summarized on the leaflet “Ukraine – Information”:

Fiktionsbescheinigung. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL.


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