Customers pay more attention to spending

In Germany importation of grains was drastically reduced after Russia’s war of aggression on Ukraine in February this year. Grain cultivation and harvest in Germany was nevertheless good and of high quality last season. But the constant increase in the cost of fuel and electricity also has caused food prices to rise steadily. Bright Igbinovia of the tünews-INTERNATIONAL team works at the Unterjesingen mill and sometimes assists in sales there. He says: “I can see that the majority of consumers now give a better and proper attention to prices.” Customers ask him how much and why prices constantly increase. Therefore, major parts of the customers are extremely careful about what they are charged. In Germany, it is a law and obligation by sellers to give a purchase receipt. Before now, customers often reject them. “But since the inception of price increases”, Igbinovia says, “consumers now request for receipts to crosscheck and ascertain how much they spend on every commodities.” This observation other grocery workers are making as well.


Gesammelte Kassenbons. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Ute Kaiser.






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