Immigration: More opportunities for skilled workers

There is a shortage of well-trained people in many sectors in Germany. That is why there is a new law to allow skilled workers to immigrate. This is new from November 18: foreign skilled workers with vocational training or academic qualifications are entitled to a residence permit. They are no longer restricted to jobs related to their education (see link below).
Immigration opportunities with the European Union (EU) Blue Card for non-EU foreigners have also been restructured (see the link below). The following changes will apply from November: The limits for the minimum salary will be lowered: for professions in which there is a shortage and for new entrants to 39,682.80 euros, for all other professions to 43,000 euros.
Foreign academics with a university degree in the last three years can obtain an EU Blue Card if their job in Germany pays them a minimum salary of 39,682.80 euros. This also applies to IT specialists if they do not have a university degree but can prove that they have at least three years of relevant professional experience.
In addition, more occupational groups will be included in the shortage occupations in future: in addition to managers in production and certain services, this also includes veterinarians, dentists, pharmacists, academically trained specialists in nursing and obstetrics as well as teachers and educators in the school and non-school sector.
For people who already have an EU Blue Card and have lived with their family in another EU member state, there are simplified regulations for family reunification. Family members can enter and stay in Germany without a visa procedure. For the residence permit, it is no longer necessary to prove that sufficient living space is available and that their livelihood is secured.
There will be further changes from March and June 2024—both for employees and foreign students.
All information is available in German, English, Spanish and French at
You can check whether a foreign professional qualification is recognized in Germany here:


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