tünews provides facts about the elections on 9 June

Citizens have a lot to decide this year. On Sunday, 9 June, as every five years, there will be local elections in Baden-Württemberg as well as European elections. Many refugees are now German citizens. They can go to the polls or vote by post.
Since 2014, 16 and 17-year-olds have also been allowed to vote in local elections in Baden-Württemberg. They can have a say in who should represent their interests on the municipal council, local council and district council in the 1101 towns and municipalities and 35 districts in Baden-Württemberg. In the elections to the European Parliament (European elections), 16 and 17-year-olds are taking part for the first time.
All eligible voters should receive their voting notification by Saturday, 18 May. If this is not the case, they should contact their local authority by Friday, 24 May.
Many questions arise, especially in local elections. What do the municipal council, the local councils and the district council actually do? How does voting work and how many votes can I cast? How does postal voting work? Some questions also apply to the European elections. How does voting work here? And: What are the tasks of the European Parliament?
tünews INTERNATIONAL will provide answers in a series of reports ahead of the elections.
See, for example, the Tübingen Integration Council’s brochure on the local elections and the European elections in the university city:



In einem Parlament kommen politische Vertreter zusammen, die demokratisch gewählt wurden. Dort beraten sie sich, diskutieren und treffen wichtige Entscheidungen. Foto: tuenews INTERNATIONAL / Martin Klaus.



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