Paediatrician Zen Aldeen: vaccinating people who live in close proximity early

People who live in close proximity to many others are being vaccinated against the coronavirus especially early, explains Ezdehar Zen Aldeen in a video interview with tünews INTERNATIONAL. Zen Aldeen, who is originally from Syria, arrived in Germany four years ago. She works as a vaccinator in the corona vaccination center in the District of Tübingen and received her own vaccination three months ago. When people live in close proximity, they can rapidly infect each other with the virus. The risk of infection is especially high in collective accommodation, all the more if people there share communal kitchens or bathrooms. Due to such living conditions refugees were allowed to get vaccinated earlier than many others. This is similar to nursing homes, schools or kindergartens, she says.

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Interview Wolfgang Sannwald with paediatrician Ezdehar Zen Aldeen on 4.5.2021



Bei der Impfung. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Mostafa Elyasian.

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