Relaxations for vaccinated and recovered people

People who have been fully vaccinated against corona and those who have recovered from an infection are getting more freedom. They can meet, go shopping by appointment or go the hairdresser again without taking a test. The nightly curfews don’t apply to them anymore. They don’t have to go into quarantine anymore when returning from travel – except if they enter from an area with a virus mutation. This regulation applies starting Sunday, 9th April. This was announced by Federal Minister of Justice Christine Lambrecht. After this day, recovered or fully vaccinated people can meet again in private without limit. People are fully vaccinated two weeks after getting their second vaccination with most approved vaccines. People who are fully vaccinated or recovered can meet with other fully vaccinated or recovered ones without restrictions. Additionally, they don’t count for the contact restrictions when meeting with non-vaccinated. However, they still have to wear masks in certain places and keep their distance to other people. Vaccinated people can prove their eligibility with the immunization card. Recovered people have to show a positive PCR test result. This result has to be at least 28 days old, but no older than six months. Experts currently think that the immune protection lasts this long.


In der Innenstadt sind Stühle zusammen gekettet Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Mostafa Elyasian.

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